Hear Nebraska Interns | Best of Summer 2014

Every crop of Hear Nebraska interns brings something specific to the table. This summer was no different.

We welcomed five people — Kekeli Dawes, Shelby Wolfe, Gabriella Martinez-Garro, Randy Edwards and Hanna Guenther — with diverse interests, skills and goals. When they started in May, many of their talents shone through immediately. And we were even happier to watch other facets of their work grow throughout the summer.

Hear Nebraska tries to ask a lot of its interns, and in turn, we also try to celebrate the great work they do: the time and energy they commit to showcasing and promoting Nebraska music. So as we’re nearly ready to take on a group of fall interns, let’s have a look back at the Summer 2014 greatest hits. Enjoy.

[One note: you won’t find Hannah Toohey’s work below, but if you used the Hear Nebraska calendar or went to an HN event this summer, our departed marketing intern likely had a hand in that. A big “thank you” to Hannah for her hard work.]

Kekeli Dawes

*Concert Review of the Maha Showcase at The Bourbon

“It was like Bogusman had no time to waste with convention, so they just devoured the last two beats in the most grizzly manner.”

*Kethro’s Workflow

“Unlike the artists above, who primarily pull samples from music, Rodger pulls from life. He’s an avid field recorder. He captures audio at live shows, in parks and has even spent full days in factories to record sounds.”

*Album Feature on HERS’ “Youth Revisited”

“Our youth is a formative time in our lives because its when we realize we’d like to have an identity. The lifelong search begins here. Our youth only makes sense once we have the perspective to know we’re through it. It is only then we know we’ve missed it. It is only then we can know if we’ve been deprived of one.”

*Jack Hotel Album Review Podcast

Shelby Wolfe

Josh Hoyer at ZooFest 2014 | Shelby Wolfe

 Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers at ZooFest 2014

Mac Demarco at Vega | 07.15.14

 Mac DeMarco at Vega

Local Natives at Maha Music Festival | 08.16.14

Local Natives at Maha Music Festival 2014 

Bogusman | Maha Showcase at The Bourbon | 07.23.14

 Bogusman at The Bourbon

M34NSTR33T at Maha Music Festival | 08.16.14

 M34N STR33T at Maha Music Festival 2014

Omaha Girls Rock | 07.29.14

 Omaha Girls Rock Camp 2014

Gabriella Martinez-Garro

*Concert Review: The Faint at Sokol Auditorium

“There are a few things a person can always expect from seeing The Faint live: they will entertain, they will play loud and, of course, people will dance. In that way, The Faint has proven reliable.”

*Phox’s Current State of Flux

“On the phone two weeks ago, with a nationwide tour looming, a week left on the lease and most of the members moved out, Holmen says the jumble of objects, including a jackalope head, a photo of Martin’s dad and a clown-decorated brandy bottle, remained.”

*Concert Review: First Aid Kit at The Waiting Room

“Like the metal they worked to exude, First Aid Kit’s songs are simultaneously intricate and accessible; all at once powerful and delicate. As each of the band’s albums becomes more ambitious than the last, the grandeur of pretty sound grows while the depth and edge of their lyrics deepens.”

Randy Edwards

The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady at The Waiting Room


Churls at Hear Lincoln


 Conor Oberst at Sokol Auditorium

Weston Olencki

Omaha Under The Radar Festival 2014

Picking at Scabs, McCarthy Trenching

 Dan McCarthy of McCarthy Trenching

Trash Talk in Omaha | Randy Edwards | 6.23.14

 Trash Talk at Midtown Art Supply

Hanna Guenther

*Austin Lucas’ Divorce-Inspired Party Record

“In his most recent album ‘Stay Reckless,’ there is a balanced mix of dark moments, followed by gleams of light. Undergoing a divorce during the production of this record, Lucas quietly reflects on a relationship dissolving, but he counters those moments with songs celebrating the opportunities that have risen in the wake of the separation.”

*The Envy Corps Preview for Maha 2014

“For a choice examples, in ‘Ms. Hospital Corners,’ the vibrato of the bass is the first thing you hear. It maintains a constant tempo holding its own next to the drums, guitar, and vocals.”

*Album Review Podcast for Oquoa’s Self-Titled Debut