By god, we want you to be informed. But before you email (or publicly heckle) us, please check out the following frequently asked questions and see if we have you covered. If not, by all means, contact us.


  • What is Hear Nebraska?

    We answer that question here.

  • As a Nebraskan, why should I care about the state’s music and arts?

    Nebraska’s music and arts industry expenditures totaled $174 million in 2010. But largely, Nebraska has ignored this homegrown, natural resource. By cultivating it, we create a more vibrant place to live, more opportunities for young people and an increasingly unique, authentic state identity.

    Our goal is for every person in the state to have a favorite Nebraska band or musician. Don’t have one? Listen to HN Radio at the top of this page, or find one by streaming our records.

  • Hear Nebraska says it supports Nebraska’s “creative class.” Who does that include?

    Originally coined by economist Richard Florida, creative class members are people “whose economic function is to create new ideas, new technology and new creative content.”As robust as its working class (which we absolutely support, as well), Nebraska’s creative class includes musicians and artists, sure, but also its app developers, designers, authors, architects, chefs, woodworkers, professors and so many more. Along with organizations such as the outstanding Silicon Prairie News, we’re working to make Nebraska a destination for these creatives.

  • What do you consider to be a Nebraska artist?

    We consider Nebraska artists to be anyone who currently lives or has lived in the state. We’re proud to be connected to talented expats around the world.

  • Where is Hear Nebraska based?

    Hear Nebraska has no formal headquarters. While our executive director co-works from the Muller Photography studio at 6066 Maple St. in Benson, our managing editor and staff writer are both based in Lincoln, and we have interns in both cities. Generally, our offices are in our backpacks and messenger bags, which tend to frequent our favorite coffee shops and bars. Here’s our mailing address.

  • How is Hear Nebraska funded?

    The vast majority of our budget comes from individual donations. We’ve also been fortunate to have received some grant funding. We earn revenue by producing concerts, and curating Nebraska music for statewide events, as well as through merch and album sales.

    You can support Hear Nebraska with a tax-deductible contribution here.

  • What is HN Radio?

    HN Radio is a streaming music app funded in part by grants from the Nebraska Arts Council and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, and Omaha Venture Group. Featuring a new playlist each week – curated by Hear Nebraska staff — it aims to make Nebraska music accessible to anyone in the world. On it, you’ll find song and album premieres, live recordings, original podcasts and other exclusive content.

    In its next iteration, we will be able to create custom playlists, embeddable by any organization in the state — cities, nonprofits, businesses — helping to highlight and promote relevant, authentic Nebraska music.

  • How can I support Hear Nebraska?

    You can become a regular financial supporter here. You can stick Hear Nebraska stickers on your cars and tractors, and sport HN T-shirts and other merch by going here. You can download or order the records we’ve produced right here. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, attend our events, read our content and share it all with your friends. Thank you!

  • What kinds of events does Hear Nebraska sponsor?

    We keep ourselves pretty busy. You can find a list of past and ongoing projects here.

  • How can I get Hear Nebraska to help sponsor or participate in an event?

    Contact our executive director.

  • What are you called? (Hear? Hear Nebraska? HN?)

    We prefer “Hear Nebraska” or “HN.”

  • Is there a Hear Iowa? Hear Maine?

    Not yet. Go start one!

  • Did Hear Nebraska really get covered by Al Jazeera, and shouted-out by Garrison Keillor?


    Al Jazeera English featured us early in our existence, June 11, 2011.

    Garrison Keillor gave us love during “A Prairie Home Companion” tour stop in Lincoln, Oct. 19, 2013.


  • What is Hear Nebraska’s coverage scope?

    We’re interested in anything containing these two elements: Nebraska and music. That includes stories about Nebraska expats making music elsewhere, as well as national bands playing anywhere in our state. And while music is our bread-and-butter, we occasionally cover other arts, including comedy and visual art (always containing a Nebraska angle).

  • Does Hear Nebraska cover all Nebraska music? (It seems focused on Omaha and Lincoln.)

    Nebraska’s music scene is broad and diverse, and we’re absolutely interested in covering all of it. Our small staff is based in Omaha and Lincoln, however, and can’t get to everything, so we absolutely rely on volunteer contributors.

    Help us cover the entire state, or send us news tips by emailing our managing editor.

  • How can I contribute to/work for Hear Nebraska?

    We’re always looking for writers, photographers, videographers, editors, audio engineers, audio producers and designers. Our biggest needs include content producers in greater Nebraska, as well as those those interested in covering specific genres, such as hip-hop, blues, punk, hardcore and others. But if you want to contribute, we’re eager to make that happen on a per-assignment, or more regular basis.

    Internships are a great way to get involved with Hear Nebraska, as well. We believe in promoting from within, and all of our paid editorial positions have been held by former interns.

    Get more information — or get to work — by emailing our managing editor.

  • I have a story idea. How do I pitch it?

    We want to hear it. Email our managing editor.

  • Does Hear Nebraska give bad reviews?

    Our mission is to support and promote Nebraska’s music culture. Often, supporting an artist can mean providing constructive criticism and feedback. That said, we avoid “bad” reviews in the same way we avoid “good” reviews. Our reviews aim to discuss the art on its own terms rather than levy personal opinions. If our reviewers have informed criticisms, we strive to make sure they’re fair, unbiased, well-supported and ultimately constructive. If we don’t have anything good to say about a work, we’ll simply abstain from reviewing it.

  • Can Hear Nebraska cover more EDM/hip-hop/punk/metal/jazz/washboard music/post-reggae?

    Yes, but we need your help. We want to explore every nook and cranny of Nebraska music — to expand people’s impressions about the state’s music scene. While we do our best to give equal coverage indiscriminately, some genres float to the top more often than others, (due largely to the interests of our contributors). So if you want us to cover more acid rock, or anything else, help us do it by emailing our managing editor.

  • Who can I talk to about Hear Nebraska content I take issue/don’t agree with?

    We take all discussion of Hear Nebraska’s goals, events, direction and strategy very seriously. Please don’t hesitate to contact emailing managing editor or executive director with your issue.

  • How do I get an event on Hear Nebraska’s calendar?

    Easy. Go here, and paste the link to the event’s Facebook page in the appropriate field. If there no Facebook event exists, simply add the information. Click “Do It,” and one of our administrators will confirm and publish it.

  • How do I edit an event/artist/venue profile that’s already on the site?

    Email us explaining the specific change you want, and we’ll make it.

  • Will you respond if I Facebook message or tweet at Hear Nebraska?

    We love to interact with our followers, so we’ll do our best. Admittedly, though, tweets and Facebook messages are hard for us to keep track of. If it’s something you consider important, you’ll have the best success by contacting us by email.


  • What does Hear Nebraska do for bands?

    We host and promote concerts featuring local and touring acts — and we pay them (the only exception being our annual Take Cover fundraisers). We review albums and premiere songs and videos. We highlight artists on our website with interviews and compelling features. We play Nebraska music on our radio show, “Hear Nebraska FM,” and host live guests in the studio. We stream Nebraska music on HN Radio.

  • What do you want from me?

    We want you to add your band and events to the site, and we want to be the first place you go with new music and video news. If you give us enough lead time, we’ll likely help you premiere this material, reaching a much wider audience than you can do on your own. (We put more editorial attention/weight to premieres than to previously released material.)

  • What do you consider a premiere?

    A premiere is the initial sharing of content — new album, music video, etc. That means it hasn’t been shared on your social media channels. We know you’re excited to share it — be a little patient and we’ll help you do it in the most effective way.

  • How do I get covered by Hear Nebraska?

    We look for specific hooks for our coverage, including song and video premieres, tour news, album releases and, sometimes, lineup changes. When you have news related to one of these things, contact us. Please give us plenty of notice, and do your best to sell us on why this news is worth covering. We’re generally overwhelmed with correspondence, so the more you can do to make our job easier — by providing background, images and relevant links — the better. If you’ve reached out and haven’t heard back, don’t take it personally — we’re swamped. Try us again next time.

  • How do I get my song on HN Radio?

    We aim to feature song/album premieres and exclusive tracks on HN Radio. Contact us when you have new music that’s getting close to being ready to share.

  • Can I invite Hear Nebraska to come to my shows?

    Sure. There’s no guarantee we can get someone there, but if you tell us why this particular show is worth attending, we’ll do our best to make it. Make sure to add the event to our calendar.

  • What should I do after Hear Nebraska has covered my band?

    Share, share, share. Use every social, digital and physical means you have to get the content in front of people. This includes writing a letter to your grandmother (which you should probably do, anyway). The exposure is great for you, and for Hear Nebraska. And then consider sharing it again at a later date. We want the work we do on your behalf to be as effective as possible.

  • How does my band get booked to play on “Hear Nebraska FM?”

    Our managing editor hosts the show and does most of the booking. Contact him.

  • I don’t live in Nebraska, will Hear Nebraska review my album?

    We only review albums that are connected to the Nebraska music scene. If you’re playing a show in Nebraska, let us know and we’re open to considering the album for coverage. More likely, we’d write a feature to preview the show.

  • I’m booking a show in Nebraska. Can you suggest musicians with which to play?

    We’re happy to. Contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

  • My band’s profile is on the site, but I can’t access it. What should I do?

    Email us with the specific change you want to make, and we’ll make it.


  • What does Hear Nebraska do for venues?

    Our statewide events calendar presents your events for a worldwide audience. Our staff write previews and reviews that highlight Nebraska venues. And we curate and host shows frequently that can bring traffic to your venue. Once in a while, we even write features about venue news (renovations, shifting focus, etc.) If you’re interested in working with us, contact our executive director.

  • What do you want from me?

    Add your events to the calendar. And message us with big concert announcements.


  • What does Hear Nebraska do for promoters?

    We help promote your shows through our events calendar, and through concert previews and reviews.

  • What do you want from me?

    Add your events to the calendar. And message us with big concert announcements.