Hear Nebraska celebrates outstanding contribution at annual winter meeting; The Lupines drop 2014 recordings new EP; Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards Sunday

Hear Nebraska celebrates outstanding contribution at annual winter meeting

During its six year history, Hear Nebraska has benefitted from hard-working volunteers and contributors who share a passion for Nebraska music and our mission to promote and support it. That was no less true in 2016.

We honored some of those who contributed admirably over the last 12 month last night at our fifth-annual winter meeting, held in the basement of O’Leaver’s. Awards were given for outstanding editorial work and operational effort.

With so much great work once again, it was tough to make these decisions Read on for the list. Our sincere thanks to the countless volunteers who helped make 2016 great. (And thanks to MTRL Design for the little Nebraskas).

Best Quote: Michael Huber, Brothers and its Jukebox ‘Too Stubborn to Change’”

“The jukebox is the best way to filter customers, positively and negatively,” Trey says. “It’s a way to tell people, ‘Hey, here’s what we’re about.’ If you get it, cool. If you don’t, sorry. There’s 99 other bars on this street.”

Honorable Mentions: Jacob Zlomke, Lindsey Yoneda

Best Lede: Nate Sindelar, for his review of Ty Segall, Feels and Oquoa at The Waiting Room

There is a distinctly poetic sensibility about Ty Segall. You might not expect that given images of how the man fronts his new band, the Muggers: lumbering over the stage in blue coveralls, wearing a dead-eyed baby mask and whisking at his side what we can only assume to be his bloody (prop) umbilical cord. But it’s there—in every rant about over-easy eggs and his want of a “mommy,” in every ecstatic garage rock banger the Muggers ripped through Thursday night at the Waiting Room Lounge.

Honorable mentions: Lindsey Yoneda & Gabriella Parsons

Best Interview: Patrick Nolan, “Roger Lewis: Keeping Time in the Nebraska Music Vanguard”

Honorable Mention: Jacob Zlomke

Best Feature: Jacob Zlomke, “Build-It-Yourself: Lincoln Hip Hop Finds a Home”

Honorable mention: Lindsey Yoneda, Chelsea Yates

Best Portrait Photo: Lindsey Yoneda, for her photo of Trevor Hill at Council Bluffs Skatepark

Honorable mention: Andrew Dickinson, Lauren Farris, Connor Lepert

Best Action Photo: Tarah Dawdy, for her photo of Both at Bodega’s Alley during Lincoln Exposed

Honorable mention: Bridget McQuillan, Ben Semisch

Best Representation: Jhalisa Robinson

Best Video Editing: Lauren Farris, for her Artist Profile featuring The Faint

Honorable mention: Ingrid Holmquist

Best Video Direction: Andrew Dickinson, for work on the Good Living Tour and Lincoln Calling

Honorable mention: Lindsey Yoneda

Best Design: Round and Round, for Lincoln Calling

We also awarded five individuals the “Smells Like HN Spirit Award” for their outstanding overall hustle. They are photographer James Dean, HN board member Jess Paisely, writer/contributor Rebecca Lowry, concert whiz Sam Parker and writer/HNthusiast Gabriella Parsons.

* * *

The Lupines drop 2014 recordings new EP

Omaha rock band The Lupines has released a set of 2014 recordings in the form of its new Eternal Wax EP. Engineered and mixed by the band and mastered by Mike Saklar, the six-track album features the band at its screeching, lo-fi best.

Eternal Wax might not be it for the The Lupines this year. The foursome has completed a recent recording session at ARC Studios, which will result in a new album in the near future.

Listen to lead track “Golden Egg” below and find the album here.

* * *

Uh Oh Releases Acoustic Video

by Zach Visconti

Eluding the seemingly inherent dread associated with young adulthood is a chore endured by many. Omaha band Uh Oh sings about it and seems to overcome it at the same time with its delightful acoustic video of “Try To Stay On My Side,” from their recent EP, You’re Not Dead.

In keeping with the album, The Way Out’s Mari Crisler sings in the video and also plays ukulele. The first video includes a xylophone instead of the recording’s heavy synth, providing an extra layer of jest atop the already pleasant song. While lead singer Joe Champion’s lyrics depict an individual on the verge of meltdown, the song is sonically uplifting and offers comfort to the troubled soul.

The song was featured on 2016’s On The Record Podcast as one of HN’s favorite songs of the year. Uh Oh was also one of the first Nebraska bands to join the ranks of many in donating funds to the ACLU on February 3rd. The live session features one of two recorded songs, meaning listeners can expect another acoustic video to drop soon.

Watch the video below and see the band live on Friday, March 17th at We’re Trying Records’ House Fest (RSVP here).

* * *

Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards ceremony this weekend

The Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards will honor Omaha artists for works of music, visual and performing art. The ceremony happens Sunday, Feb 19 at Omaha Design Center, 1502 Cuming St and features live performances by 3D in Your Face, Sack of Lions featuring Dominique Morgan, The Shineys, Aly Peeler and Emily Ward, as well as poet Lite Pole and actresses Mary Kelly and Hannah Mayer.

In music, Artist of the Year nominees include CJ Mills, Hector Anchondo Band, Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal, Belles & Whistles and more, adding up to 10 total. Album of the Year carried just as many, including Jack Hotel’s Voices from the Moon, McCarthy Trenching’s More Like It, Kait Berreckman’s Battle Scenes and Tara Vaughan’s Dandelion Wine.

The OEAAs start at 6 p.m. with a cocktail hour, followed by the ceremony, hosted by UNO professor Sofia Jawed-Wessel, at 7 p.m. Buy tickets here and RSVP here.

View the complete list of nominees here, and each music category below.

Best Rock
Carson City Heat
Jump the Tiger
Matt Whipkey
Naked Sunday
Time Giants

Best Hard Rock
Arson City
Before I Burn
Save the Hero
Screaming For Silence
Through the Stone

Best Alternative/Indie
High Up
Kait Berreckman
Mitch Gettman
See Through Dresses
The Hottman Sisters

Best Singer-Songwriter
Aly Peeler
CJ Mills
Emily Ward
Tara Vaughan
The Shineys

Best DJ
DJ Madix
DJ Mellie Mel
DJ Mista Soull
DJ Shor-T
Houston Alexander
Spence Love

Best Country
Belles & Whistles
Dylan Bloom Band
Jason Earl Band
Jimmy Weber
Ryan Osbahr
Sack of Lions

Best Americana /Folk
Clarence Tilton
Jack Hotel
Pleiades & the Bear
Ragged Company
The Electroliners
The Wildwoods

Best R&B/Soul
Dominique Morgan
E Rawq

Best Hip Hop/Rap
J. Crum
Mark Patrick

Best Blues
Brad Cordle Band
Levi William Band
The Rex Granite Band featuring Sarah Benck
Steve Lovett Blues Band
Tim Budig Band

Best Jazz
Clark & Company
Curly Martin
Kellison Quartet
Mitch Towne
Omaha Guitar Trio
Steve Raybine

Best Progressive/Experimental/EDM
Citizen’s Band
Human Teeth Parade
State Disco

photo of Chemicals by James Dean

Best Ethnic
Esencia Latina Band
Mariachi Zapata
Rhythm Collective
The Bishops
The Prairie Gators

Best Cover Band
3D In Your Face
Hi-Fi Hangover
Lemon Fresh Day
Polka Police
Sailing in Soup
Secret Weapon

Album of the Year
Jack Hotel – Voices from the Moon
J. Crum – Black Sheep
Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal – Running From Love
Jus.B – PartySoul
Kait Berreckman – Battle Scenes
McCarthy Trenching – More Like It
Ryan Osbahr – Easy Way Out
Tara Vaughan – Dandelion Wine
The Electroliners – The Common Clay of the New West
Through the Stone – Through the Stone

Artist of the Year
All Young Girls Are Machine Guns
Arson City
Belles & Whistles
CJ Mills
Dominique Morgan
Hector Anchondo Band
Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
Kris Lager Band
Satchel Grande
Tara Vaughan

Best New Artist
A Ferocious Jungle Cat
Born on Leap Year
Mark Patrick
Tiny Monsters

Best Recording Studio
ARC Studios*
Hidden Tracks Recording Studio
Icon 1NE Recording Studio
Make Believe Studios
SadSon Music Group
Screen Door Studios
Ware House Productions

Best Live Music Sound Engineer
Dan Brennan – Slowdown*
Keith Fertwagner – Lookout Lounge
Jeremy Garrett – Freelance
Brenton Neville – Vessel Live
Jon Pitts – Reverb Lounge
Ben Stratton – Waiting Room Lounge
Mark Wolberg – The Zoo Bar/Vessel Live

* * *

We’ve added a fresh batch of events to our statewide calendar. Plan your weekend with it here. If you do not see your show or one you plan to attend, add it here or email us at news@hearnebraska.org. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @hearnebraska.