Hear Nebraska Interns | Best of Spring 2015

As we gear up for summer, Hear Nebraska would like to issue a big “thank you” to our departing class of interns.

Kelly Langin, JP Davis and Marco Meyer upheld a great tradition of HN interns with their dogged work, engaging stories and improved skills. Our interns’ selflessness and elbow grease drastically contributes to our ability to cover various Nebraska music scenes and events, and tell untold stories.

From everyone at HN, here’s to you, Kelly, JP and Marco.

Have a look back at their best work this semester.

* * *

JP Davis | Lincoln multimedia 


Converge at The Bourbon

Converge at The Bourbon.

The Bottle Tops at Zoo Bar

The Bottle Tops at Zoo Bar.

Superior at Vega 3.5.15

Superior at Vega.

The Good Life || ARC

The Good Life at ARC Studios.

Super Ghost at Urban Outfitters

Super Ghost at Urban Outfitters.

Cursive at O'Leavers

Sara Bertuldo creates ambiance at Cursive’s March O’Leaver’s show.

Bogusman @ The Bourbon | 1/21/15

Bogusman at The Bourbon

* * *

Kelly Langin | Omaha editorial

“Allie Hanlon is not writing songs for your stuffed-unicorn-clutching daughter.” —from an interview with Peach Kelli Pop.

“The stage was decked out like a teen girl’s bedroom, complete with a Leonardo DiCaprio magazine cover, candles, dolls and a pink record player. Flowers wrapped around the mic stands and strings of star-shaped lights draped from the amps.” —from a review of Foxygen at The Waiting Room.

“A decade of playing the songs surely gave Ounsworth the opportunity for his tone to mature: The chance to freely and intimately dissect the songs he wrote solo offered a new and tangible dimension.” —from a review of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at The Apollon.

*And check out a recent concert preview of the Kearney-based organization Overturn, which seeks to combat rape culture.

* * *

Marco Meyer | Omaha multimedia

Simon Joyner

Simon Joyner portrait for his album release feature.

Latin Threat - Hooligan Sendoff at The Waiting Room | Feb. 12, 2015

Latin Threat at the Hooligan SXSW Send-Off.

Cursive at The Waiting Room | March 21, 2015

Cursive at The Waiting Room.

Mallory Finch for Dream of Venus at Reverb Lounge | March 20, 2015

Mallory Finch’s “Dream of Venus” cabaret at Reverb Lounge.

Kyle Fertwagner at The Hideout

Hideout owner Kyle Fertwanger after taking over the Omaha venue.

Feel Tight | Jan. 21, 2015

The now-defunct Omaha trio Feel Tight.