Hear Nebraska Interns | Best of Fall 2016

As Hear Nebraska’s scope expands, so does the internship job description. More events means more variety in the volunteer hours than ever before. One minute you’re photographing Screaming Females in the back lot at Duffy’s Tavern, the next you’re assisting at the festival wristband table.

We start there because our readers have already seen the most visible part of our interns’ work (the journalism). All but the most dogged intern watchperson probably missed the hastily eaten meals between festival duties, the multiple revisions of promotional copy or snowy trips between Lincoln and Omaha — all because each of them hold the HN mission dear. It isn’t a prerequisite, but it surely makes for a more fulfilling experience (ask them sometime).

But we turn, as we always do, to the tangible, which this editor holds in equal esteem. Throughout the semester, their devotion to quality journalism helped every single one of them improve in different ways:

Conor Lepert was an ironman, and it was often easier to count the nights in a month he wasn’t photographing a show or recording something than the nights off he took.

Tarah Dawdy brought editorial reporting experience to the multimedia position, which in-turn helped build her video skills. (And she took what is perhaps our favorite photo of the semester).

Jhalisa Robinson, though a writer by trade, was seemingly everywhere, reporting on important local developments while taking Instagram video, building relationships and playing a valued role (as they all did) in HN’s first run at Lincoln Calling.

After a solid term as editorial intern this past Spring and working hard during the Good Living Tour this summer, Gabriella Parsons filled the behind-the-scenes role of marketing intern with endless positivity, disseminating much of the Good Living Tour and Lincoln Calling messaging and our email newsletter.

And who can say enough about multimedia intern Lauren Farris, veteran of the position, who took on every assignment skillfully and fearlessly, and led the group as, essentially, assistant editor. Most importantly, she was and will continue to be a vital part of the team (I’ve been lucky in that regard).

The journalism committed by our tireless Fall 2016 crop, celebrated below, is alone worth the praise. But what I will remember the group for most is the gallons of effort and unquantifiable camaraderie. Thanks and cheers.

— Andrew Stellmon, managing editor

Connor Lepert, Multimedia

Ground Floor Guitar centers artist needs through custom shop, practice space | Video Feature

Three-quarters of Lincoln indie rock band Columbia vs Challenger pose for a portrait two weeks before reuniting at Beer Nebraska | Sept 11, 2016

Megafauna plays Bodega’s Alley at the 13th annual Lincoln Calling Music Festival | Oct 6, 2016

Gang of Four performs at Sokol Auditorium during its final night of touring with The Faint and Pictureplane | Oct 31, 2016

Todd Fink and The Faint perform at Sokol Auditorium during the band’s last night of tour with Gang of Four and Pictureplane | Oct 31, 2016 

Har Mar Superstar at Vega | Nov 1, 2016

Ben Folds gazes into the Rococo Theater rafters as fans request songs by paper airplanes | Nov 2, 2016


Tarah Dawdy, Multimedia

Artist Profile: Hakim | Video Feature




“Me On Your Front Porch” by Criteria | HN Live at Beer Nebraska


Grace Potter & the Nocturnals perform at Sokol Auditorium | Oct 9, 2016

Plack Blague headlines the industrial night showcase at the 2016 Lincoln Calling | Oct 7, 2016

Omaha hip-hop duo Both pose for a shot with the Bodega’s Alley crowd during their Lincoln Calling set | Oct 7, 2016 

Lincoln rapper Hakim performs at The Bourbon | Oct 24, 2016

The Lonely Biscuits perform at Vega | Nov 9, 2016

Universe Contest violin player Jordan Ellis records vocals in the bathroom of the Lincoln band’s 11th & M practice space | Nov 13, 2016

During the last set of tour with The Good Life and Field Mouse, Jake Bellows is joined onstage at O’Leaver’s by Todd Fink | Nov 28, 2016 

Jhalisa Robinson, Editorial

New downtown Lincoln venue aims for local variety; Final call for NAC’s Individual Artist Fellowships; The Good Life, See Through Dresses on tour; Alex G, The Lonely Biscuits tonight

* * *

HN: What is your goal, as a female artist, moving forward in your career?

MN: My number one goal moving forward in my career is to be considered an artist rather than a “female” artist. Women in music seem like a novelty in the media most of the time. Instead of being able to get into talking about the music right away we often have to answer questions about what it’s like to be a woman in music.

— from a Q&A with St. Louis-based Bruiser Queen’s Morgan Nusbaum

* * *

Nebraska artists celebrate Black Panther Party’s 50th Anniversary; Photo coverage of Satchel Grande’s 10th anniversary concert; Mark Patrick cruises in new single; Her Flyaway Manner on HN FM tonight


Lauren Farris

Benjamin & Marina Kushner: Sharing a Musical Connection | Video Feature

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“Put Up A Fuss” by Satchel Grande | HN Live

* * *

Artist Profile: The Faint’s new live show illuminates 17 years | Video Feature

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Jack Hotel plays in front of hundreds of Near South residents during the inaugural Porchfest LNK | Sept 11, 2016

Cursive frontman Tim Kasher (left) and Criteria frontman/HN board member Steve Pedersen goof off in the Zipline Storage room prior to both bands’ concerts at Beer Nebraska | Sept 24, 2016

The Morbs search the KZUM fridge during a photo shoot immediately following the Lincoln band’s live appearance on Hear Nebraska FM | Oct 3, 2016

No Thanks vocalist Brendan Leahy falls to the stagefront gravel during the Omaha punk band’s Lincoln Calling set in the Duffy’s Tavern back lot | Oct 8, 2016

Better Friend vocalist Meghan Munyon sings at the front of the stage during the band’s Lincoln Calling performance in Duffy’s Tavern back lot | Oct 8, 2016

PWR BTTM performs at Milk Run | Oct 28, 2016

Sara Bertuldo performs with Millions of Boys at Lookout Lounge | Dec 11, 2016