“Boppin’ The Blues” by The Mezcal Brothers at Hear Lincoln

The Mezcal Brothers transformed the shaded city corner outside of the downtown Wells Fargo into a swing club at Hear Lincoln last Friday.

People packed shoulder to shoulder as Gerardo Meza, deemed the “demon of screamin’” by bassist Charlie Johnson, howled the vocals while the bass kept a deep rumbling rhythm.

Comprising Meza, Johnson, guitarist Benny Kushner and drummer Shaun Theye, the four musical brothers demonstrated their mastery of roots-rock and their instruments. Johnson disregarded the height of his upright bass kicking it up onto his feet, climbing up its spine, and maneuvering it like an oversized guitar. And the hum of the strings never faltering.

Hear Lincoln, with generous help from Cooper Foundation and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, has welcomed local bands, including Churls, Powers and Stonebelly, so far this summer. This week, blét will perform, with Jack Hotel closing out the series on July 25.

Now, check out a video documenting last week’s swinging performance by The Mezcal Brothers.