Churls at Hear Lincoln 2014 | Live Video and Photo Essay

video and photos by Randy Edwards

The exact meaning of “Churl”-hood is unclear.

But we can glean via what the band Churls has to say about it that a Churl is likely kind-hearted and free-flowing and always will play the hand-drum if called upon. We also know that anyone can be one. We know that Jerry is one. For life.

Churls, the Lincoln beach pop outfit, kicked off the third annual Hear Lincoln concert series two weeks ago on 13th and O streets. At the event co-sponsored by Cooper Foundation and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Churls โ€” which features members of UUWWVVZ and Son, Ambulance โ€” opened the weekly summer series to ideal weather and the palatable, but unpolished, sounds of their porch ditties.

Hear Lincoln continues this Friday with its third installment. In a slight alteration to the original schedule, the Lincoln folk band Dear Herman (learn about about them with anย HNFM appearance here and an album review here) will replace Sleep Sinatra. See you Friday at noon on 13th and O.

Now, watch a live video and see photos from Churls’ performance.

video by Randy Edwards
audio by Vessel Live

Randy Edwards is a Hear Nebraska multimedia intern. Reach him at