Maha Showcase Tonight, Skeleton Man Bids Us Farewell

A couple good Lincoln shows tonight, some exciting event announcements and Lincoln’s premier amateur musical theater company revs up for another show.

Details incoming:

As I mentioned a couple days ago, Her Flyaway Manner is back together for a show tonight at Knickerbockers in Lincoln with Powers and Overlake. Her Flyaway Manner might be one of the most influential Lincoln bands of the last decade. Next week, we’ll publish a story on the tangible impact bands, like Her Flyaway Manner and Ideal Cleaners, still have in the Lincoln music scene.

A few blocks away, Hear Nebraska is co-sponsoring the second Maha Showcase with blét, A Ferocious Jungle Cat and Bogusman. A Ferocious Jungle Cat, who leads off the HN Radio playlist this week, is playing their final show in their current form, as bassist Tyler Wilson is moving to Colorado. Drummer Cal Harman said they’ll be doing some instrumental rearranging after Wilson’s move and will be rotating most of the tracks written with the soon-to-be-former lineup out of their set. To warm up for the whole show, check out a video by our Shelby Wolfe of blét’s Hear Lincoln performance below.

The Colonel Mustard Theatre Company, an all-amateur experimental theater troupe, is gearing up for their annual outdoor musical in Lincoln. This time around, they’re producing their original Spiderman: The Musical: The Musical and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with production costs. Colonel Mustard shows in the past, such as Jurassic Park the Musical 3D and Gods of the Prairie — a multi-staged show spanning Lincoln’s Near South neighborhood — have attracted hundreds of visitors in their two-day runs.

* * *

This Friday at the Sweatshop Gallery in Omaha, Digital Leather, Coaxed, Skeleton Man, Stomach and Fletch are getting together for an $8 all ages show. It’s apparently Skeleton Man’s final show. Skeleton Man, we hardly knew ya, but you’ll be missed by fans of Omaha’s noisy basement scene. If you’ve never been acquainted, I’d recommend them for fans of Video Ranger, Yuppies and Dads (RIP). Skeleton Man played the Sweatshop with Fat White Family in March, photo by Jake Greve below.

Hullabaloo Music Festival, the Kris Lager Band-curated festival, begins Thursday at Sokol Park in Omaha, as well. Check it out for the likes of Universe Contest, Desert Noises, Funk Trek and, of course, Kris Lager Band at Sokol Park. If you buy before Thursday, tickets are $50 and that rate includes camping for the duration of the festival.

* * *

Jake’s Cigars and Spirits in Omaha announced their block party on Sept. 5. Not too many details on the night yet, but the musical lineup will be announced once it’s finalized.

* * *

Finally, in general art scene developments, the Union for Contemporary Art in Omaha will host an open house for their Co-Op Studios‘ grand opening this Saturday from 2-5 p.m. The studios feature a ceramics room, dark room, kiln, wood shop and print shop, all available to members of Co-Op (become a member for $80/year). Basically, the studios will make a bunch of resources available to artists currently without access. Quick search and the cheapest kiln I found was about $550, so I’m guessing not too many artists have one sitting around at home.

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