Feel Tight reemerges with spacey single; Jocelyn featured in latest Sofar Sounds video; T-Pain plays UNL spring concert

Feel Tight reemerges with spacey single

The ritualistic fires of Feel Tight, long dormant, have apparently rekindled.

The Jason Meyer-led cosmic rock project has reemerged as The Feel Tight sound, releasing a new single/video “I Think She’s Real” last week. Meyer says the band — complete with a new lineup — is currently in the process of recording new music for an album.

When we last checked in with Meyer, he, Josh Soto and Mike Johnson were burning trees in their backyard, but also preparing to release The Spooky Mingo EP. Since then, they’ve all been occupied with other endeavors. Meyer, the former Talking Mountain mastermind, played in synthrock band Calm Fur. Soto currently plays bass in the rapidly ascending soul band High Up, while Johnson has been stretching his own boundaries with experimental project Ridgelines (watch our recent live video with Johnson here).

But with a new cast in place, Meyer is ready to push things forward. “I Think She’s Real” hints at a larger, spacey sound, the gentle picking of acoustic guitar accompanied by a lazer-like electric melt like the cosmic gold dripping from Meyer’s open mouth.

Watch “I Think She’s Real” below:

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Jocelyn featured in latest Sofar Sounds video

In the center of a Dundee living room, surrounded by a small cadre of seated listeners, Jocelyn pours her heart out. As the mournful lyrics of “Daisy Skies” echo from nearby speakers, the song takes on a darker, more isolated feel than in the singer/songwriter’s Old Market corner home base.

But after years of honing her chops in front of complete strangers, Jocelyn doesn’t appear more or less comfortable here in the dim lamplight of an October Sofar Omaha session. Space can often define a performance, giving it room to stretch out or walls off which to bounce. A coffeeshop or afternoon busk wouldn’t seem to highlight the song’s pain quite like living room reverb.

Last week, we published a video of Jocelyn performing the exact same song in Omaha’s Old Market (watch it here). Watch the clip of her more formal, intimate Sofar Omaha performance below:

Jocelyn has started a GoFundMe campaign to finance her forthcoming EP. Visit here to donate.

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T-Pain plays UNL spring concert

Catching up from the weekend, HN contributor Will Stott went to the Universtiy of Nebraska-Lincoln Spring concert, which this year featured decorated hip-hop artist T-Pain, Omaha rapper Zay Gaines and Los Angeles rapper Luke Christopher. It seems odd for a multi-platinum recording artist (for his feature on Flo Rida’s “Low”) to come into a college concert with a chip on his shoulder. Following a lukewarm Daily Nebraskan preview (which the king of auto-tune referenced directly), he apparently did just that, turning in a memorable performance according to the DN’s Ben Buchnat.

See Stott’s photos below:


Luke Christopher

Zay Gaines

Photos by Will Stott

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Concert Round-Up

Tonight, Scottsdale, Ariz., pop rock band The Summer Set plays The Waiting Room, 6212 Maple St, with solo pop act Handsome Ghost, Louisiana dance-rock band Royal Teeth and Twin Cities alt-hip-hop artist Call Me Karizma. Amid breakup rumors, The Summer Set just released its fourth studio album Stories For Monday April 1 on Fearless Records. Tickets are $20, RSVP here.

Also tonight, Arizona rockabilly band Rhythm Dragons plays Vega, 350 Canopy St. The 17-year group released Reignite earlier this month and is currently on a Midwest tour through New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m., tickets are $12. RSVP here.

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