This’ll be Ridiculous: Har Mar Superstar and Pizza Underground coming to Omaha

In what’s sure to be somewhere between gimmicks and genuinely fun performances, Har Mar Superstar and Pizza Underground will play the Waiting Room on Nov. 28.

It’s one stop on a 33-city tour for the two acts. Sean Tillman’s Har Mar Superstar project is goofy, groovy, infectious, danceable and fun. The other half of the lineup, Pizza Underground, is Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band. Har Mar Superstar is sure to put on a great show.

* * *

We’re two weeks into our Live at Turner Park series with Hutch. The first outing was a melody-driven two hours with LIFE is COOL and Skypiper. Omaha World Herald was on hand to take this live video of Skypiper performing a double feature of “When We’re Free” and “Even If.” Not embeddable, so head to that link.

Skypiper @ Turner Park

photo by JP Davis

* * *

Maha is tomorrow, maybe the biggest day for music in Omaha all year. We’ve been talking about it plenty this week. You can read our complete guide to the lineup here.

Is there an Omaha band more appropriate for a middle of the day set at Maha this year than Twinsmith? Will you bid adieu to Chris Walla in the final days of Death Cab as we’ve known them? Who will be louder: Domestica or Radkey?

Head out to Stinson Park tomorrow and decide for yourself. While you’re at it, come see us in the Community Village, we’ll be hanging out all day, passing out our Little Musician’s Starter Guide and playing games with the kiddos.

As for our previews, you can catch with our interviews of Local Natives, The Envy Corps and Radkey.

What are you doing after Maha? I don’t live in Omaha, so I’m probably missing some stuff, but Benson Soul Society kicks off at the Sydney at 9 p.m. with Kobrakyle’s return from Chicago. O’Leaver’s is hosting an after party, as well, and even went as far as to create a cryptic Facebook page for the event.

See you tomorrow!