Hear Nebraska Interns | Best of Spring 2016

As Spring warms into Summer, we’d like to celebrate another successful Hear Nebraska internship session.

Gabriella Parsons, Adam LaRose, Lindsey Yoneda and Hayley Solonynka carried the torch with hustle, grace, ambition and much improvement. Parsons and LaRose seemed to blossom before our eyes, crushing coverage of Lincoln Exposed and SXSW and consistently grinding out quality work.

Yoneda and Solonynka will continue through the coming summer. Yoneda produced some of her best work yet this Spring, including a massive undertaking in the Lincoln Exposed documentary, as well as a slew of stunning photos. Solonynka produced HN’s must-read weekly newsletter (sign up here) and will continue to work behind the scenes with programming manager Aaron Markley on the Good Living Tour, Lincoln Calling and the rest of our event schedule.

On behalf of everyone at HN, thank you all for a great Spring. Revisit their best work below:

* * *

Adam LaRose | Omaha Multimedia

Beach Slang at Cheer Up Charlie’s, Austin, Texas | SXSW

Super Moon at Barley Street Tavern

Prince Rama outside at Cheer Up Charlie’s, Austin, Texas | SXSW

Both with Mobley at Shriner’s Rooftop Saloon, Austin, Texas | SXSW

Powers at Zoo Bar | Lincoln Exposed

Bib at Milk Run

* * *

Gabriella Parsons | Lincoln Editorial

“… having someone there to tell you to keep going makes the embarrassment more bearable. Playing over the screeching noise of an alarm doesn’t sound all that bad. Breaking a few strings and starting over becomes less painful. What could have been a roadblock, or a buzzing annoyance, simply turns into a rhythm to keep playing to.” — from a story about Omaha’s Community Music Lessons.

“… a two-hour line for mainstream artists or large acts necessitates hopping fences, scraping knees and climbing rooftops to find vantage point to hear Eryka Badu, only to be greeted by a group of vagabonds who had the same idea. These moments are only found by stumbling into them, and if you’re lucky, they’re worth it.” — from coverage of SXSW 2016.

“…a wave came over Clark, who put his guitar pick in his mouth and pierced his Gibson’s ponticello with bare fingers.” — from a review of Gary Clark Jr. at Sokol Auditorium.

“For the past six months, the Lincoln psychedelic indie-rock band has scurried across town each weekend from 1 to 4 a.m., delivering the Sunday morning paper route.” — from an interview with Lincoln indie rock band Oketo.

* * *

Lindsey Yoneda | Lincoln Multimedia

portrait of Hector Anchondo

Diarrhea Planet at Barracuda, Austin, Texas | SXSW

Ty Segall & The Muggers at The Waiting Room

Manslaughterer’s Lance Fiedler at Zoo Bar

Plack Blague at Zoo Bar

Heather Murphy Shaves Otto Meza’s head at Murphy’s benefit concert

* * *

…and they all conspired to create this in-depth Lincoln Exposed documentary, with Yoneda as editor: