Experience Nebraska: West Point | Good Living Tour 2015

(Editor’s note: the following Good Living Tour video was produced in part thanks to our sponsors — Center for Rural Affairs, Pinnacle Bank, Nebraska Arts Council, Humanities Nebraska and Nebraska Cultural Endowment.)

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In June 2015, a team of Hear Nebraska journalists visited nine Greater Nebraska communities as part of HN’s Good Living Tour. Along the way, we interviewed young residents to hear, in their own words, what makes their community a distinctly attractive place to live, work and play.

Here’s what the residents of West Point had to say:

On that same trip, our Good Living Tour storytelling crew interviewed local musicians, venue operators, musical entrepreneurs and young professionals, all dedicated to cultivating the arts in their communities. Our editorial team produced two features from the trip to West Point. Read them below:

A Point of Pride: West Point Community Theater’s New Life | story by Chance Solem-Pfeifer | photos by Nickolai Hammar

On the brink of demolition, West Point rallied around its century-old community theater in 2006. Though ambitious and historically-appropriate renovations continue to this day, West Point Community Theatre has become a community magnet for live music, theater, film and more.

Peace at Home: Finding Calm in West Point | story by Jacob Zlomke

West Point native Dustin Prinz makes a point of regularly returning home amidst his hectic touring schedule and time at his other home, bustling Houston. Prinz says friends, family and ease of pace help him recalibrate. Prinz plays Nielsen Community Center [July 23] as part of The Good Living Tour.


Video credits:
Video: Bridget McQuillan, Chris Dinan
Edit: Chris Dinan
Interview: Andrew Norman
Animation: Bryan Findell
Song: “Ghosts” by John Klemmensen & the Party