Year in ROAM; Kris Lager Band van fundraiser; Alli and I crowdfunding; The Good Life tonight

It’s not music and it’s not really a podcast. The creators prefer the term “audiozine” for the soundscapes they fashion, and now you can listen to some of their best 2014 soundscapes all in one place.

ROAMtransmissions released its year-end audio compilation on Sunday.

It’s an amalgamation of highlights, dozens of moments capping off a year of experimental audio-crafting, experience-creating. David Matysiak curates the audiozine from Atlanta, but ROAM’s roster of collaborators has included members of Icky Blossoms, The Faint, Reptar, Cursive and more.

Listen to the whole podcast below, and read our feature on ROAMtransmissions here. We also published most of the ROAM episodes from 2014 on, so you can find the individual versions, as well.

* * *

Kris Lager Band, the perennially-touring Nebraska funk and soul outfit, ran into vehicle problems last week in Ogden, Utah.

The band is currently on tour and looking for a fix a soon as possible, which includes a Go Fund Me campaign toward either repairing the band’s van or purchasing a different one. Visit the page here.

Lager told us the band tours about 200 days out of every year, making a reliable vehicle a fixture for the band’s success and livelihood.

“You hone your craft on the road,” he says. “There is a thing called ‘road chops’ and it exists. It’s one of my favorite aspects of touring.”

Lagers says playing on the road keeps the band fresh, but it keeps the audiences fresh, as well.

“It is a crucial part to the success of a band,” Lager says. “You can’t overplay your markets. If you really want to draw hundreds or even thousands of people to your shows you can’t play a town three times a month. You have to hit the road, leave, and come back with some dirt under your feet and some miles on the tires.

Kris Lager Band released its most recent album, Heavy Soul and Boogie Trance, at the end of December. The band is booked for a CD release show at The Bourbon on Feb. 28.

* * *

Lincoln pop-rock act Alli and I launched an IndieGoGo campaign last week to raise funds for its new album. Andrew Standley, the man behind Alli and I, is looking to raise $7,500 over the next 27 days. Check out the page here.

Standley tells us Imaginary Hearts is the third Alli and I release and he’s already begun recording at Fuse in Lincoln.

“We love it. Matty Sanders is becoming like a big brother to me,” Standley says. “I don’t plan on tracking future records anywhere else.”

* * *

Quick reminder: The Good Life plays at O’Leaver’s tonight with James Maakestad (Gus and Call, McCarthy Trenching). It’s the last show after a brief Midwest tour with Big Harp before the band heads into the studio to record its first album in seven years. RSVP here.