Gender privilege in local music; Tennis and Conchance shows tonight

At 7 p.m. tonight, Lincoln’s Black Cat House hosts “Bettering the Scene: An Open Discussion of Gender Privilege in Local Music.” RSVP here. The event is open and free to everyone.

The event aims to be an open space for members of the creative community to share their experiences with gender-inequity in the music world, and, just as importantly, to listen to those of others.

From the Facebook event: “Giving oppressed groups voices creates a richer and more productive scene, as it helps open the door for people who’ve felt less than welcome to create in a space that feels dominated by white straight men. Everyone making and listening to music here wants to support each other, let’s talk about how it can be done better.”

It takes only minor observational skills to recognize most of the people you’ll see on stage any given night at any club in the state are going to be predominantly white men. Indeed, most of the sound engineers, door-people, talent buyers will be white men. The Hear Nebraska staff is currently made up of white men.

The racial and gender percentages in the community are heavily skewed toward white men. However, as the Bettering the Scene description says, making room for other voices creates a more diverse scene a more diverse scene is more interesting — there’s more creativity, more innovation.

So if you go to The Black Cat House tonight at 1601 B Street, and I think you should, keep in mind that listening to someone else’s experience is at least as important, and maybe more than, sharing your own.

* * *

After a tour send-off with Midtown Marauders at The Waiting Room Monday night, Conchance makes the first stop on his westbound tour tonight at Zoo Bar. He plays with local acts Sleep Sinatra and Static Soul. RSVP here.

Yesterday, we published an in-depth feature audio interview with Conchance by managing editor Chance Solem-Pfeifer. The interview discusses his sense of personal and cultural identity and his whirlwind rapping style.

Speaking of Conchance, we premiered a Mean Street music video this morning, a group for which Conchance emcees. Find it below:

* * *

Denver pop group Tennis plays The Waiting Room tonight with Pure Bathing Culture. The show starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $12. RSVP here.

Yesterday, our editorial intern Andrew Stellmon published a feature story with Alaina Moore from the duo. They discuss the creation of their new album with the three-headed production team of Jim Eno, Patrick Carney and Richard Swift. Read it here.