“Thunderstorm Blues” by Jack Hotel (McCarthy Trenching cover) | Live Audio

When the Hear Nebraska editorial staff gets wind of people’s choices for Take Cover, every selection comes with varying degrees of curiosity. “How will that work?” “Are they gonna do it in their style?”

But the idea of Jack Hotel covering McCarthy Trenching’s “Thunderstorm Blues” sounded like playing with house money. It sounds like a sure thing recorded, too. Listen below as Günter Voelker and Joe Salvati embellish “Thunderstorm Blues” just enough to give it a slight groove.

As with every facet of the 2015 Take Cover shows, we’d like to thank the Nebraska Arts Council for the mini-grant that made these annual community events possible. See photos from Omaha here, Lincoln here, and watch a video of Icky Blossoms covering Capgun Coup here. And you can watch Aaron Parker at Take Cover Lincoln in this video.