Aaron Parker covers David Dondero at Take Cover Lincoln | Live Video

If there was a proper way to analogize David Dondero’s sideways and imperfect fit into a night of all-Nebraska music, Aaron Parker found it.

Dondero, a hyper-regular Nebraska performer and Conor Oberst favorite, was tackled by Parker for the second straight year at Take Cover. The singer for the Omaha’s Gordon, Parker eschewed amplification and stage lights (so we’re sorry for the dimness) to deliver “Just a Baby In Your Momma’s Eyes” with a dry strum and ragged voice. The Bourbon’s crowd certainly seemed to revel in its simplicity.

Watch here:

Cameras: JP Davis and Marco Meyer
Editing: JP Davis

As with every facet of the 2015 Take Cover shows, we’d like to thank the Nebraska Arts Council for the mini-grant that made these annual community events possible. See photos from Omaha here, Lincoln here, and watch a video of Icky Blossoms covering Capgun Coup here.