“Seventeen” by Twinsmith | Sonata Sessions

When Hear Nebraska asked Saddle Creek Records about signing Twinsmith earlier this fall, the label’s response was true to its history and musical roots: The songwriting prowess has to be there.

In this video, in a partially finished basement, three members of Twinsmith peel back everything about the band’s quick-stepping indie rock for a focus on vulnerable fundamentals.

The barebones version of “Seventeen” reveals its structure with a funneling intro and outro about a teenage, shakey-knees kind of love. It’s got the feeling of a conceptual band rehearsal wherein guitarist/keyboardist Matt Regner might pitch this trembling synth effect as what could do the sonic heavy lifting. Singer Jordan Smith, being a very sensible pop vocalist, follows its echoes bravely, hooting in both mimicry and harmony. Oliver Morgan still helms the song’s emotional crests, even with a single drum.

If you want to see Twinsmith fully-armed, you’ve got two more opportunities in 2014: on Dec. 23 opening for Neva Dinova at Slowdown and then New Year’s Eve at O’Leaver’s.

Now, here’s the latest Sonata Session: