“Sam” by Matt Whipkey | Sonata Sessions

Matt Whipkey’s Underwater is a record interested in people, but maybe even more in ideas of people.

The title track, “Sam,” “Gary Flanagan” and “Dreams of Kathleen” all peer through a cloudy (but musically polished) window at people lost or abandoned or who maybe the songs’ speaker never knew that well to begin with.

This Sonata Session performance of “Sam” — done at Doug Van Sloun’s Focus Mastering in Omaha — serves the song quite well. Whipkey’s throaty voice is hushed behind the shine of 12 strings. From the moment its contemplation begins, the song feels like a send-off.

Whipkey released his new album, Underwater, last Friday at The Waiting Room. This Saturday, Whipkey will take his turn in Lincoln at the Zoo Bar. RSVP here.

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