“In Excess” by The Hottman Sisters | Sonata Session

Amidst the layer-building, vocally percussive start of “In Excess” and its nearly-rapped conclusion, the obvious standout for Jessica and Heather Hottman is harmony.

The sisterly duo has performed as The Hottman Sisters for just less than a year, having played in Omaha bands before that. From their chemistry, though, it’s not a surprise that the siblings grew up utilizing their vocal talents.

Here, absent Heather’s synth, “In Excess” takes on earthly qualities: The Hottmans’ effortlessly integrated harmonies, reminiscent of Teagan and Sara; Rhythmic acoustic guitar and djembe patterns; Cicadas chirping around them in Elmwood park.

It all feels so natural that when Jessica’s guitar drops out at the conclusion, you notice for barely a beat before their harmonies and handclaps fill in the unoccupied space.

The duo plays Burke’s Pub Friday as part of Benson First Friday Femme Fest (RSVP here, and read our comprehensive preview here) and again the following night at The Sydney with Chicago singer/songwriter Jennifer Hall and Omaha folk project The Woodwork (RSVP here).

Now, see The Hottman Sisters perform “In Excess.”

The Hottman Sisters | In Excess on Vimeo.