Hear Nebraska: Volume 3 | Kickstarter Video

Think of this video as sample of what will happen to your senses during a full listen of Hear Nebraska: Vol. 3. 

Find the spaces between these ten great tracks, the fleeting moments when you slip from falsettos to roars, horn pops to live guitars, hip-hop to gypsy-tinged folk. We think you’ll want to experience the real thing with your record player turned up.

This weekend, we launched a pre-order Kickstarter campaign for our third annual compilation of Nebraska music.

As we noted in our news this morning:

“We’re honored to have two previously unreleased tracks on the compilation — “Journals” by Outlaw Con Bandana and “Junk City” by Ladyfinger (ne).

Additionally, tracks from John Klemmensen and the Party, The Bottle Tops and Both will have their first release here. We’re also excited to release a live version of Cursive’s not-often heard “Tall Tales, Telltales,” written and sung by guitarist Ted Stevens 

With beautiful cover art designed by Jake Fyfe, mixed-color vinyl, liner notes written by Hear Nebraska staff and ten excellent songs, Hear Nebraska Vol. 3 is an important cultural document for Nebraska music.

* * *

Find the tracklist below. Most importantly, if this collection and what it stands for resonates with you, please back the preorder on Kickstarter. We’re thrilled to be a quarter of the way to our goal after 24 hours.


  1. John Klemmensen and the Party | “Ghosts” from their upcoming full-length album, Party All Night
  2. Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers | “Let It Out” from the band’s new full-length, Living By The Minute
  3. The Bottle Tops | “The Farmer’s Hill” from their upcoming full-length
  4. Jake Bellows | “Meaning Wrong” from Help
  5. Outlaw Con Bandana | “Journals” previously unreleased


  1. M34N STR33T | “D34TH” from the Mutants of Omaha album
  2. BOTH (featuring Rothsteen) | “Airwaves” from their upcoming album, BOTH Sucks
  3. Halfwit | “Full on Halfwit” from their upcoming full-length
  4. Ladyfinger (ne) | “Junk City” previously unreleased
  5. Cursive | “Tall Tales, Telltales” recorded live at O’Leaver’s Pub