“Ghosts” by John Klemmensen and The Party | Love Drunk Video

Ryan Haas’ polite drum strokes open the 131st Love Drunk episode methodically. For the installment that marks the video series’ fifth year in action, there will be no firework finale. Sharply true to form, it’s just another day at Love Drunk’s moving anti-office, with another great crop of musicians recorded in a non-traditional space.

More on Love Drunk’s fifth birthday below, but “Ghosts” is par for the course in John Klemmensen and the Party’s current and expanded phase: big melodies and a robust rock sound that challenges even Klemmensen’s and Molly Welsh’s large voices to rise to the top of the mix.

Watch Klemmensen and The Party at full strength below, indulging the breakdowns and bold sentiments that characterize their new album, Party All Night

On Love Drunk — we at Hear Nebraska are extremely grateful to have had their friendship and collaboration these last five years. The series’ persistently imaginative execution and high quality work resonates with our mission and it’s been a boon to many, many local and national musicians. We’re happy to say you can find all 131 installments on our website. For easiest access, take a YouTube dive this week and find your favorite you forgot about, or maybe one you missed.

Here’s some Love Drunk by-the-numbers from founder Django Greenblatt-Seay:

  • More than 750,000 plays
  • 131 sessions
  • Sessions shot in 13 different states
  • Sessions by year:
    • 2010: 14
    • 2011: 48
    • 2012: 40
    • 2013: 19
    • 2014: 7
    • 2015: 3

Here’s a photo John Klemmensen snapped of the crew from this May 2015 shoot: