Eli and Carrie Mardock cover Tim Kasher’s “A Bluer Sea” | Live Audio

Right before they started the song on Jan. 30 at The Bourbon, Eli Mardock praised “A Bluer Sea,” but quickly snuck in a small regret about the undertaking.

“It’s really a bitch to sing and play at the same time,” Eli laughed about Tim Kasher’s bouncy and oblong duet. For her part, Carrie Mardock sang on the original version of the song, which appeared on 2011’s Bigamy,  a collection of marooned songs from the recording of The Game of Monogamy. 

Listen to the Mardocks’ perform here:

As with every facet of the 2015 Take Cover shows, we’d like to thank the Nebraska Arts Council for the mini-grant that made these annual community events possible. See photos from Omaha here, Lincoln here, and watch a video of Icky Blossoms covering Capgun Coup here. And you can watch Aaron Parker at Take Cover Lincoln in this video.