“Andy Warhol” by All Young Girls Are Machine Guns | Sofar Sounds Video Premiere

In this live performance of “Andy Warhol,” All Young Girls Are Machine Guns enjoys all the grooves and seams of its expansive, full-band soul sound. Frontwoman Rebecca Lowry’s voice slides between dominating the slow-cooking drum-led song and using its falsetto in the spaces you didn’t know were there.

Ultimately, it’s the perfect complement to a Sofar Omaha house billing that also featured Caroline Smith and Edem.

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This video was recorded on International Women’s Day, March 2, at the Omaha house venue Mooncottage. Minneapolis soul singer Caroline Smith headlined the show, and you watch that video here. And you can watch Edem perform here.

Filmed by Molly Misek, JP Davis, Mike Machian & Nickolai Hammar
Edited by Molly Misek
Audio by Adam Roberts