“Lay It Down” by Edem | Sofar Sounds Video Premiere

If there’s a voice in Nebraska music most fit for instrumental minimalism, it could be Edem’s.

More than not hitting false notes, her low-rolling and subtle vibrato seems like it can’t. Atop the mournful and simple ukulele part of “Lay It Down,” Edem’s voice exists over the five minutes with an authority of comfort: not outright performance so much as enduring from some healing well of sound. At a certain intuitive point, the song could just as easily go on another 15 minutes and its sloping melancholy would cradle you the same way throughout.

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This video was recorded on International Women’s Day, March 2, at the Omaha house venue Mooncottage. Minneapolis soul singer Caroline Smith headlined the show, and you watch that video here.

Filmed by Molly Misek, JP Davis, Mike Machian & Nickolai Hammar
Edited by Molly Misek
Audio by Adam Roberts