Andrew Jackson Jihad at The Waiting Room | Live Videos

If you recall, Nebraska music fans chose sides that night.

On the evening of July 15, with Mac DeMarco, Cloud Nothings, Say Anything and Amen Dunes all in either Omaha or Lincoln, Andrew Jackson Jihad still drew a mass of people to The Waiting Room in Omaha.

They were touring their most recent album, Christmas Island, which came out in May. At the show — true to the album — the Arizona-based band’s class of folk punk showed itself incredibly dependent on rhythm, right at the place where jaunt turns into spasm.

Now, it’s not the 100 songs frontman Sean Bonnette promises the crowd at the end of “Best Friend” (see below), but we captured two songs from Andrew Jackson Jihad’s bouncing folk set.

Watch here:

“Best Friend” by Andrew Jackson Jihad

“So Mad At You” by Andrew Jackson Jihad


Chris Dinan
Randy Edwards


Chris Dinan