Coverage of Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards Summer Showcase; El Jefe, Range Maggots, J Rods String Band play Gillie’s Bar; Brother’s Lounge celebrates 50th anniversary; Cultural Attraction reunites at O’Leaver’s

Coverage of Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards Summer Showcase

More than 70 acts converged on Omaha’s Benson neighborhood this weekend for Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards’ annual Summer Showcase. All were in the running for OEAA awards consideration, as well as a vote-in spot for New Generation Music Festival, the first-year event hosted Aug. 5 by Raleigh Science Project.

First time HN contributor Christi Dougherty caught some of the action, grabbing photos of Edem Soul Music, The Hottman Sisters, Lucas Kellison, Carson City Heat and more. See her photos below:

Angelo Delsenno at Reverb Lounge

Carson City Heat at Barley Street Tavern

Edem Soul Music at Soundcheck Rehearsal Studio

Clark & Company at Pizza Shoppe Collective

The Hottman Sisters at The Waiting Room

Lucas Kellison at Burke’s Pub

Flight Metaphor at The Sydney

Emily Ward at Barley Street Tavern

Omaha at Burke’s Pub

Mitch Gettman at Burke’s Pub

Pleiades & the Bear at Burke’s Pub

Ragged Company at Burke’s Pub

Photos by Christi Dougherty

* * *

El Jefe, Range Maggots, J Rods String Band play Gillie’s Bar

HN’s editorial team spent Friday in Kearney promoting the July 22 Good Living Tour concert.  Your writer spent most of the evening at Gillie’s Bar, chatting with owner Matt Epp for the GLT story and taking in some live music.

The rest of the team joined around 9:30 p.m., and HN visuals editor Chris Dinan captured photos of El Jefe, Range Maggots and J Rods String Band. El Jefe is Vic Giron, the one-man riverbed-folk act who also hosts annual DIY music festival Pondstock roughly an hour away (we’ll have more on that later in the week). For now, see Dinan’s photos below:

El Jefe

Range Maggots

J Rods String Band

Photos by Chris Dinan

* * *

Brother’s Lounge celebrates 50th anniversary

HN contributor Harrison Martin stopped by Brother’s Lounge Saturday night as the Blackstone District haunt’s 50th anniversary. In addition to cake, drinks and its inimitable jukebox, patrons were treated to performances by Minnesota’s Jaw Knee Vee, a Love and Rockets cover band and Plack Blague.

See Martin’s photos below:

Brother’s Lounge

Jaw Knee Vee

You’ll Love These Rockets

Plack Blague

Photos by Harrison Martin

* * *

Cultural Attraction reunites at O’Leaver’s

HN contributor Andy Lachance was at O’Leaver’s Saturday, where long time Omaha musician Mike Tulis and early ‘90’s mainstay Cultural Attraction reunite for a one-off performance. Lazy-i blogger (and HN board member) Tim McMahan looked back at the band’s heyday in an interview with Tulis published last week (read it here). Little Brazil and Sons of (on this night) O’Leaver’s rounded out the bill.

Photos of Cultural Attraction are coming later today. For now, view Lachance’s shots below:

Little Brazil

Cultural Attraction

[Editor’s note: apologies to Son’s Of O’Leaver’s, whom we’ll most certainly get next time.]

Photos by Andy Lachance

* * *

Concert Round-Up

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