Bonehart video; See Through Dresses’ European tour; new improv punk band

Because we think it’s terrific, we’ve written repeatedly in our daily news about NPR’s Tiny Desk contest. It allows artists from across the county to submit a video vying for one of NPR Music’s in-office video performances.

Here’s Bonehart Flannigan’s entry, with Sonata Sessions creator Nickolai Hammar and Hear Nebraska contributor Andrew Dickinson behind the cameras:

“Locust Road Lament” appears on Bonehart’s Flannigan’s debut album Backpacks and Mason Jars. Bonehart’s frontman/songwriter Jon Dell moved to New York City over the holidays. The deadline for submissions to the Tiny Desk contest is Jan. 19.

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A few months after the announcement of their signing to the German label This Charming Man, the Omaha rock quartet See Through Dresses has some European dates to boot.

This late spring trek will see See Through Dresses touring Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and more. By the way, if you’re trying to read the tour dates, it took us a second look, as well. It goes day first, then month, then year.

11.05.15 GER- Berlin, Schokoladen
13.05.15 GER- Chemnitz, tba
14.05.15 CZ- Plzen, Papírna
15.05.15 CZ- Prague, Café Potrva
16.05.15 AT- Innsbruck, PMK
17.05.15 AT- Vienna, Rhiz
18.05.15 AT- Graz, SUB
19.05.15 GER- München, Glockenbachwerkstatt
20.05.15 GER- Nürnberg, K4 w/ Astronautalis
21.05.15 GER- Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa
22.05.15 GER- Mannheim, Maifeld Derby
23.05.15 GER- Stuttgart, Waggons
24.05.15 GER- Freiburg, Slow Club
25.05.15 available
26.05.15 available
27.05.15 GER- Würzburg, Cairo
28.05.15 GER- Trier, Exhaus
29.05.15 GER- Köln, Ätherblissement
30.05.15 GER- Münster, Baracke
31.05.15 available
01.06.15 available
02.06.15 available
03.06.15 available
04.06.15 available
05.06.15 DK- Aalborg, 1000fryd
06.06.15 available
07.06.15 available

* * *

On first listen, Commander Relativity sounds like someone shook up a raw punk band inside a barrel, and then scattered the pieces across a table.

The Omaha improvisational trio’s debut EP is called SCREAMS, and it was recorded at Omaha’s Yorick Studio (more on that here). Drummer Phill Smith tells us the band is comprised of UNO music program graduations, who’ve played with Colloquy, The Penrose Stairs, Hussies, Erik Jarvis and Danny Sabra.

If that first metaphor wasn’t generous enough, Smith did a nice job of explaining the chaotic-sounding group’s intentions in an email to us:

“The big thing for me about this group is writing and performing music that leaves a lot of room for interpretation for not only the performers, but also the listener. The scores that we play off of use a handful of different notational styles (standard notation, graphic notation, digital image manipulations) that force us into (hopefully) a more adventurous headspace. I’ve attached the score for “yawp” if you’re interested in taking a look. The result (hopefully) allows the listener to choose how to listen to the music, grabbing onto little flurries of sound, basking in the totality, or anything in between.”

Listen to SCREAMS here:

* * *

If you’re in Omaha tonight, Lot Walks is at Slowdown, but you can find a fuller listing of tonight’s shows on our calendar. As always, email if you have Nebraska music news ideas or tips.