“Backpacks and Mason Jars” by Bonehart Flannigan | On The Record

On The Record is Hear Nebraska’s album review podcast. Today, our Chance Solem-Pfeifer, Jacob Zlomke and Andrew Stellmon tackle Bonehart Flannigan’s “Backpacks and Mason Jars,” out now on Sower Records. Listen below.

* * *

— “One of the things I most appreciate about Bonehart Flannigan … is that in the Lincoln stable of folk and bluegrass artists, he definitely has a corner of it: with his rapscallion loserdom … He has a very specific voice.”  

— “[‘Sweet Release’] is a soul song, and it feels so much more soulful with the whole arrangement in mind.” 

— “There’s a feeling I caught pretty starkly listening to the album … you’re horribly sad or in a bad way, but there’s something that gives you a warm feeling.”