Weekend coverage featuring Titus Andronicus, Craig Finn at Lookout Lounge; Ratboys, Coasters, Bed Rest, Crypt Kid at Milk Run; Yorick Studios cranks out two new releases; Hidden Hospitals, Run 2 Cover tonight

Titus Andronicus, Craig Finn at Lookout Lounge

We kick off news coverage this morning with weekend photos, starting with Titus Andronicus and Craig Finn Friday at Lookout Lounge. HN contributor (and former intern) Ingrid Holmquist swung by to catch the show. We chatted with Finn — The Hold Steady frontman touring with Titus Andronicus — earlier in the week, touching on finding hope in his dialed-down solo work. Read it here.

If you missed Titus Andronicus, the New Jersey indie rock band plays Vega on Monday, May 16 with Los Angeles punk duo La Sera. Tickets are $15 in advance. RSVP here.

See Holmquist’s photos below (apologies to Universe Contest and Gordon, who performed earlier in the evening):

Titus Andronicus

Craig Finn

Photos by Ingrid Holmquist

* * *

Bed Rest, Crypt Kid, Ratboys, Coasters at Milk Run

HN contributor Cruise Curtis went to Milk Run Friday night to catch Chicago bands Ratboys and Coasters with Omaha’s Bed Rest and Crypt Kid. Ratboys is on its way down to SXSW, where it will play the Broken World Media Showcase on Wednesday, March 16 (Omaha’s See Through Dresses and Naturally the foundation will bear your expenses are also playing) and Topshelf Records Showcase Thursday, March 17.

See Curtis’s photos below:



Crypt Kid

Bed Rest

Photos by Cruise Curtis

* * *

Jennifer Hall, Mike Schlesinger, The Hottman Sisters at The Sydney

First-time HN contributor Gerald Glaza went to The Sydney on Saturday night, grabbing photos of Chicago singer/songwriter Jennifer Hall, pop duo the Hottman Sisters and Mike Schlesinger. The Hottman Sisters head to California later this month for four shows in the Los Angeles area (find dates here).

See Glaza’s photos below:

Jennifer Hall

The Hottman Sisters

Mike Schlesinger

Photos by Gerald Glaza

* * *

Yorick Studios cranks out two new releases

Omaha’s Yorick Studios is set for a big 2016, and already has been churning out local work.

Musician/producer Erik Jarvis released new EP this past Friday. Less country and more lo-fi psychedelic, the album is four quick songs tracked live using both analog and digital techniques. Jarvis recorded most of it in a day at Yorick Studios, then sent it to Nashville for horn overdubs and mixing.

The idea was to produce something very very quickly with a tiny tiny budget,” Jarvis says. “The Plain Mosaic project has taken most of my energy the past year, and doing something kinda punk and scrappy allowed me to still finish a solo project.”

Hear it below:

The studio also recorded songwriter Collin Smith’s project The Cosmic Smiths, which released Sunrise On A Swing Set March 7. The indie band plays its first show since the release Wednesday, March 16 at Lookout Lounge with Omaha, Tulsa, Okla., band NeoRomantics and Side Talk (RSVP here).

The final in a string of releases comes this summer, as The Plain Mosaic drops its debut album Heartland Shakedown. Jarvis says the album was produced by Des Moines’ Christopher Ford (aka Christopher the Conquered). Keep up with the interstate band (comprising members from Omaha, Grinnell, Iowa and Chicago) here.

* * *

Concert Round-Up

Tonight, electronic rock act Hidden Hospitals comes to Lookout Lounge 320 S 72nd St. The band mixes progressive rock guitars, pop vocals and turn-of-the-century Radiohead. Its latest record, Surface Tension, released one year ago. Omaha acts Waking the Neighbors, Human Teeth Parade and Satellite Junction open the all-ages show. RSVP here.

Tonight, Phoenix pop band Run 2 Cover comes to Vega, 350 Canopy St. The young three-piece recently signed to KBB Records, which released the band’s debut album Lovesick. Chicago rock band Open Your Eyes opens the show. The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. RSVP here.

It’s pretty quiet to start the week, but head to our statewide calendar here for a fuller listing. If you don’t see your show or one you plan to attend, email us at news@hearnebraska.org, add it yourself via the “contribute” button on our website or add it in the comments. And keep those story ideas and news tips coming.