Sweatfesting for a P.A., Blowing things up for Arts for All

Omaha’s most ballsy, challenging DIY, music/art space, Sweatshop Gallery is calling for the “ashy … greasy … hungover” masses to help replace its sound system. And its rowdy, packed lineup for “Sweatfest” (Saturday, 6 p.m.) should draw them, including M34N STR33T (featuring Conchance, who’s playing 80/35 today), Flamboyant Gods (featuring members of Icky Blossoms, Tilly & The Wall, Capgun Coup), Worried Mothers, Fletch (Gus & Call’s Mike Schlesinger solo), Anna McClellan (Howard), and more.

“Every robust local scene needs DIY venues like the Sweatshop/Sandbox/Hotel Frank in order to flourish at all age levels,” said Sweatshop music operator Lance Warrick. “As a venue, we make next to no money, and all of what we do make goes straight to rent. So we came up with the idea to throw a last-minute music festival at Sweatshop to raise money for a brand new PA. Since time was short and bands would be playing for free, we figured we could maybe at best get 5-6 local acts to play. Instead, bands started coming out of the woodwork to support the space and we now have 14 local acts that are volunteering their time and equipment. We’re kind of blown away by the generosity.”

Well said. Contribute an easy $8 to the cause and see a bunch of excellent bands. The full lineup is right here.

If you head out for last-minute fireworks, support Arts For All while you’re at it. They’re slinging bangers in a tent on the southwest corner of 144th and Maple. The nonprofit arts education organization is dedicated “to making the arts available and affordable for all ages throughout Metro Omaha.”

No word on whether or not they sell snakes.