Pure Brown video; Whipkey Kickstarter; Grieves tonight; Skrillex Thursday

Pure Brown, Lincoln’s video game prog rock trio, released its first music video this week for their cover of the theme from Nintendo’s Tecmo Super Bowl game.

The video, which intercuts footage and stills of the band with screencasts from the game, serves as a sort of introductory mission statement for Pure Brown. The video features the band’s vigorous performance habits at The Zoo Bar, stills of their contorted faces and of course, the video game song, one of many in Pure Brown’s repertoire.

Check out the video below.

* * *

Matt Whipkey launched a Kickstarter campaign today to the tune of $5,250 in hopes of releasing his forthcoming album, Underwater, on vinyl. Online for 29 more days, the campaign has raised $135 at press time.

Underwater will follow-up 2013’s Penny Park, a loose concept album that won Album of the Year at last year’s Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards. Whipkey ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for that album, too, raising $5,906 to his $4,000 goal.

Low-level pledges for the crowdfunding campaign will earn backers downloads of singles and the forthcoming album. Backers receive the actual Underwater vinyl at $25. From there, it’s a matter of adding rewards: t-shirts, Penny Park vinyl, autographed records, etc. At $1,000, Whipkey will cut his hair (“you can have it if you’d like”). The highest three tiers include private performances and music lessons. Here more about the project from Whipkey, and donate, here.

* * *

Seattle-based rapper Grieves plays The Bourbon tonight with Sol and Trev Taylor. Tickets are $15 today. RSVP here.

Grieves works with Rhymesayers Entertainment, the Minneapolis hip-hop collective and record label founded by Slug, Ant, Musab and Siddiq. The label hosts artists like Brother Ali, Aesop Rock and MF Doom, as well.

Grieves released Winter and the Wolves earlier this year. The album finds Grieves singing as much as rapping — he’s interested in melody in hip-hop, which you can read about in our feature interview with him later today on the website.

* * *

Skrillex in the Streets happens on Thursday at 13 and N streets in downtown Lincoln. The Grammy-winning dubstep artist will perform with Waka Flocka Flame.

Tickets for the show are $40. Find them here.