Oquoa premieres dreamlike new track; Double Q&As with Kansas City bands Shy Boys, Fullbloods; Good Living Tour goes to Hastings

Oquoa premieres dreamlike new track

Oquoa is often written about/spoken of in viscerally broad strokes. With the Max Holmquist-led band’s ability to create soundscapes that drift and swell, tension tightening and easing, it’s a worthy go-to. It’s a sound that feels very sharped by the past four years of refinement and (more recently) road-testing.

The Omaha indie rock band’s forthcoming EP In Oneir (out on tape July 30) nods in that direction even before first listen. Oneir comes from the word “Oneiric,” which means dreamlike, and the premiere first track could be its fitting representative.

“Loose Ends” is quite theatrically structured, dropping the listener right into a heightened moment in a pivotal scene. Holmquist’s hazy drawl enters, as if to usher a plotline in slow motion. Roger Lewis’s drum fills and Patrick Newberry’s orchestral keys lift the track at its outset and ending, and the choir, landing from tense note to resolution at the end, seals it.

Hear “Loose Ends” below:

The In Oneir release show is Saturday, July 30 at O’Leaver’s. Lincoln grunge pop band Bien Fang, Omaha rock band Lodgings and Nashville’s Another Afternoon open the show. Cover is $5, RSVP here.

* * *

Double Q&As with Shy Boys, Fullbloods

A pair of Kansas City bands in Shy Boys and Fullbloods head up to O’Leaver’s on Sunday, playing the afternoon Sunday Social with Burkum Boys. (RSVP here).

Shy Boys is a psych-rock trio comprising Collin Rausch, Kyle Rausch and Konnor Ervin. This fall, it’ll come back to play Lincoln Calling Oct 6-8.

Fullbloods is a indie/funk quartet consisting of Ross Brown, Jerad Tomasino, Bill Pollock, David Seume. Both it and Shy Boys are signed to Kansas City independent label High Dive Records.

See Through Dresses’ Sara Bertuldo conducted Q&As with both bands. Fullblood’s Brown fielded theirs:

Sara Bertuldo: How’d you get started playing music?

Ross Brown: I got into music by playing trumpet in elementary school and since haven’t been able to stop. I started homeschooling in high school, during which I played and recorded songs more often than I did any sort of school work.

SB: Describe your ideal date with a member of Shy Boys.

RB: Caddy shack pizza date followed by a jam session. Maybe go outside once.

SB: What’s the best part about living in Kansas City?

RB: Shy Boys.

SB: What’s the best part about visiting Omaha?

RB: Fig.

SB: How many times has Jerad Tomasino made you popcorn? What else can he do besides that?

RB: Countless times. Along with his culinary skills, he is also a great singer and songwriter. I personally benefit from both equally.

SB: Is Money about ordering things off Amazon? What’s the last thing you bought online?

RB: Yes, and delivery pizza. Last thing I bought was a Korg X-911 guitar synthesizer. Expect to hear it on every Fullbloods song on the next record, whether you want to or not.

SB: What’s next after Mild West?

RB: I’ve got a decent batch of songs written/demoed out now, so I imagine we’ll be learning/refining them for the next 5-10 years.

SB: Describe your life in this moment using a title of a song by The Smiths. (You can elaborate more on why you chose that or just keep the title.)

RB: “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.” Just kidding Mom, I’m fine.


The entire Shy Boys roster participated in theirs:

SB: How’d you get started playing music?

Collin Rausch: I was in middle school and thought being in a band was the best chance I had to find a girlfriend. None were impressed.
Konnor Ervin: I got a guitar so I could play Nirvana songs.
Kyle Rausch: I don’t remember a time before music in my life, so I’ll say destiny?
Kyle Little: 5-year old me had a serious obsession with KISS so my folks got me a tiny guitar so I could try to learn to shred like Ace Frehley

SB: Describe your ideal date with a member of Fullbloods.

Collin: I’d love to share an oversized pink cotton candy with Bill, if he’d have me.
Konnor: I would take Ross out for a night of dancing and drinks.
Kyle R: Friends and chill with any willing participant
Kyle L: I want to go record shopping with Ross and then maybe we could get some ice cream afterwards. My favorite is black walnut but Ross seems more like a strawberry type guy. Or maybe rocky road… Yeah, I bet he’s totally a rocky road guy.

SB: What’s the best part about living in Kansas City?

Collin: It’s cheap and chill.
Konnor: It’s easy living for the “stay in” type.
Kyle R: Weed helps you to forget
Kyle L: It’s not hard to find like minded weirdos here. Plus the rent is cheap, especially when you split it with aforementioned weirdos.

SB: What’s the best part about visiting Omaha?

Collin: When people enthusiastically talk about Cursive
Konnor: Seeing the Council Bluffs bridge sculptures on the way into town
Kyle R: Cali tacos
Kyle L: I really haven’t spent much time there but the drive is really nice.

SB: What is one item you wish you would bring on tour if you could?

Collin: Fallout 4
Konnor: My doggie
Kyle R: All of my friends
Kyle L: My girlfriend’s cat.

SB: What do you have planned after your s/t record?

Collin: Fallout 4
Konnor: There is no real plan.  We’re working on the next album currently.
Kyle R: Planning is the hard part: see answer #3
Kyle L: The new record is going to be a full album cover of “Fly Like an Eagle” by Steve Miller Band

SB: Describe your life in this moment using a title of a song by David Bowie. (You can elaborate more on why you chose that or just keep the title.)

Collin: “I’m Afraid Of Americans”… I don’t mean to be cynical or whatever, but it’s hard to not think about it lately
Konnor: “Changes” We’re all moving out of where we lived together for 5 years.
Kyle R: I don’t listen to enough Bowie to have a relevant answer, but I agree w Collin. Also see answer #3
Kyle L: “Up the Hill Backwards” because I feel like I’m making some kind of progress all the time but can’t really tell where I’m headed at all.

* * *

Concert Round-Up

The Good Living Tour crew is back on the road today, heading toward Hastings to start the statewide concert series’ middle third.

See Through Dresses, Jack Hotel, For The Birds and Star Belle play at W 1st St and N St. Joseph Ave. The show is free and family-friendly and starts at 5 p.m. RSVP here. Then the weekend goes as follows: Norfolk on Friday night, Lyons on Saturday and O’Neill on Sunday.

Also tonight, a pair of punk bands in New York’s The Bloody Muffs and Green Bay, Wisc., band TIGT come to Lookout Lounge, touring on their new split 7-inch. Local bands the Shidiots and Buggy Lewis & the Rabbit Grenades open the show. The Shidiots just released a brand new video, which you can see below. RSVP here.

In Lincoln, Herbert’s Rainbow, The Morbs and Ryan O’Neel play Duffy’s Tavern. The show is at 9 p.m., RSVP here.

Find a fuller listing of tonight’s shows at our statewide calendar here. Send all news tips, story ideas, tour announcements and other goings-on to news@hearnebraska.org for coverage considerations.