New musician resources; UUVVWWZ side project; Cadaver Dogs, Weeping Eye, //FITNESS tonight

We wanted to take a moment to highlight a couple new Facebook groups which help Nebraska musicians find resources.

Hear Nebraska is often asked by musicians if we know any bands looking for a guitarist or if there is a drummer looking for a band. We’re happy to try and make those connections, but it’s difficult to try to remember what bands just had a guitarist leave or which friend of ours wants to start a project with three drummers in it.

So we’ve created a musicians’ classifieds Facebook group to help out. It’s moderated, so the group will stay on focus. Join it, invite your musician friends, use it.

Additionally, if you’re looking for gear of any kind, Nebraska Gear Exchange has recently picked up steam, as well. It’s essentially another classifieds section, but for people looking to sell, trade and buy gear.

* * *

Looking forward to the Oct. 17 Hear Nebraska Presents Simon Joyner and the Ghosts and Kill County show at O’Leaver’s, designer Jake Fyfe has unveiled the promotional poster for the show.

The silhouetted crow gives a good indication of the somber, personal folk music that will rule the stage that night.

The show is $7. RSVP here.

* * *

Plenty of live music options tonight in Lincoln and Omaha.

Over at O’Leaver’s, Caravat, Laughing Eye Weeping and L Eugene Methe will play.

Caravat is a relatively new project, comprising Teal Gardner and Dave Ozinga, who sang and played drums together in UUVVWWZ for a couple years. So far, the project seems haunting and spacious. It will be interesting to see how it moves forward. Tonight, Rick Black and Andrew Gustafson of Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship will join the duo on stage.

Listen to a Caravat track below.

The show is $5. RSVP here.

Senses Fail plays the Bourbon with No Bragging Rights and Knuckle Puck. Senses Fail is touring for the tenth anniversary of its debut album Let it Enfold You. If you’re into the post-hardcore emo of the mid-2000s, this show may feel comfortingly like October 2013 when The Bourbon hosted Taking Back Sunday’s tenth anniversary tour for Tell All Your Friends. Tickets are $17. RSVP here.

//FITNESS #000004 happens tonight at the Sweatshop Gallery in Benson. It’s the fourth in the electronic and experimental music series. Tonight features Golden Donna out of Madison, Reaches out of Chicago and Omahans Nuit Vah, Chalant and Kethro. It’s $5, all ages. RSVP here.

Cadaver Dogs, In the Whale and Freakabout play Duffy’s Tavern tonight. It’s an all rock ‘n’ roll show with bands familiar to a Duffy’s crowd. Should be a good night to get loud and sweaty. The show is $5. RSVP here.