Live at O’Leaver’s launches; Photos of Silverstein, Your Last Chance and Fallible; Justin Ready & The Echo Prairie’s first show

Yesterday, after months of anticipation, O’Leaver’s launched the website for its ambitious live audio project — Live at O’Leaver’s.

The audio archive — helmed by sound operator Ian Aeillo with assistance from Molly Misek — comprises live recordings from the tiny Omaha venue and includes more than 100 bands thus far. The website introduced the first 30 yesterday, and promises more to follow in the coming months.

According to the site, Live at O’Leaver’s started in 2013 as a way to promote bands that played the venue, as well as provide live recordings for those acts to use in the future. Aeillo runs the soundboard down to the venue’s small basement recording studio, where the tracks are eventually mixed to produce the final product.

Those familiar with O’Leaver’s know of how hot, sweaty and cramped it can get. But the venue packs it in frequently due to its diverse programming, sound quality and homey atmosphere.

Thus, the list of recorded concerts is an impressive one, as is their quality. So far, the available SoundCloud streams include performances by Pro-Magnum, Orenda Fink, Deleted Scenes, Oquoa, Simon Joyner, Digital Leather, Matthew Sweet and many more.

And, again, it was a long time in the making. In July 2014, O’Leaver’s announced via Facebook that it was nearing completion of the live project, already eight months underway at that point. It launched nearly a full year later.

View the entire list at the Live at O’Leaver’s website, and tuck into the veritable feast of audio. Also, check out the Facebook page here for more updates.

* * *

Last night, veteran Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein played Sokol Underground with Omaha bands Your Last Chance and Fallible. First-time HN contributor Teylor Bruno caught the show and captured some photos:


Silverstein at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015Silverstein at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015Silverstein at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015Silverstein at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015Silverstein at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015

Your Last Chance

Your Last Chance at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015Your Last Chance at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015Your Last Chance at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015


Fallible at Sokol Underground | June 16, 2015
Fallible at Sokol Underground | June 16, 2015Your Last Chance at Sokol Underground | June 15, 2015

all photos by Teylor Bruno

* * *

In March 2014, singer/songwriter Justin Ready met drummer Marcello Sanchez through a Craigslist ad while both were living in Lincoln. Barely more than a year later, Justin Ready & the Echo Prairie will play its debut show this Thursday.

Soon after their initial jam, Ready and Sanchez cranked out an album’s worth of material, and recorded that fall at Miracle Lake Studios in Camas, Washington. The forthcoming album is due out late summer or early fall.

Now based out of Omaha, the five-piece Americana rock band — comprising Ready, Sanchez, guitarist Connor Swanson, bassist Nick Stapenak and violinist/keyboard player Katelyn Kokoly — are set to play their debut show Thursday night at Zoo Bar with blét and Producers of the Word. The cover is $5. RSVP here.

In advance, hear the premiere of “Into The Dawn,” a soaring, hard-driving track with a sharp lead guitar outro.

* * *

Tom Ficke Group has released a new music video for “Anthem In My Mind,” from the album of the same name.

The video features frontman Tom Ficke singing alone against a backdrop of prairie and lake. Shots of brightly lit carnival rides add a dreamy quality to the spacious track. Check it out below:

* * *

Tonight in shows, Dead Meadow plays O’Leaver’s with Super Moon and The Sun-Less Trio. Entry is $8. RSVP here. Washington D.C. stoner rock band Dead Meadow formed in 1998, combining ‘60s and ‘70s psychedelic rock and metal with fantasy and sci-fi themes. Frontman Jason Simon is the nephew of The Wire creator David Simon, and a few Dead Meadow tracks were used in seasons four and five.
For a full listing of tonight’s shows — including the sold-out Omaha Pizza Review and the Wildwoods at Barley Street Tavern — check out our events page here. Also, feel free to email us at with news tips and story ideas.