Lincoln punk bands Bandit Sound and Boycaught reuniting; Icky Blossoms wraps album; new HN Radio playlist

If holidays are a time for nostalgia, Nebraska music answers in spades this season.

For starters, there’s the slew of current and classic Saddle Creek/Omaha bands playing shows in November and December. Orenda Fink, Desaparecidos, Neva Dinova, Outlaw Con Bandana, The Good Life, The Faint.

Lincoln joins the party this week with announcements of reuniting punk bands Boycaught at The Bourbon on Dec. 23 and Bandit Sound on Dec. 28 at Knickerbockers. Bandit Sound is explicitly a one-off reunion. We suspect the same is true of Boycaught, but we’ll confirm when possible.

Boycaught was active from 1998 to 2003 and then periodically over the next several years. For local reference, their drummer Brad Kindler currently plays drums in Kill County.

Bandit Sound formed in 2008 and played a reunion show in 2012. Locally, it boasts Dave Arredondo, now of Powers. Mitchy Cady and John Feuerbach have gone on to play in the New Jersey-based band Désir Decir.

Check back later in the week for more on these shows.

* * *

From the looks of Facebook, Icky Blossoms wrapped its second studio album this weekend.

The upcoming Saddle Creek release is a follow-up to the band’s 2012 self-titled debut, also on the Omaha label. The debut was produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. The new record (we also know from Facebook) was recorded at ARC Studios in Omaha with Mike Mogis.

When we reported over the summer that Icky Blossoms was using a room in the Holland Center for rehearsal, guitarist Nik Fackler told us the record was nearly done. Sounds like the band put in another four months of nose-to-the-grindstone labor on the record since then. Not a surprise considering the wide and galactic scape of sounds Icky Blossoms strives to create. We’re excited to hear the results next year.

* * *

A new week means a new HN Radio playlist streaming at the top of every page of Former Capgun Coup frontman Sam Martin leads off the playlist with a the song “Bye Bye” from his forthcoming solo album A Notion In The Ocean. That album drops tomorrow on Make Believe Records, and if you want our take, an album review podcast will be out, as well.

As far as specific submissions for this week’s playlist, check out the song “Alien Invasion” from the Omaha band The Doneofits. The wife-husband duo of Ash and Mike Trenhaile shared this song with us from their second release. Their third record, MEGA Doneofits, is forthcoming in 2015.

As always, we’re on KZUM tonight from 8 to 10 p.m. spinning a lengthy playlist of Nebraska music. Looking forward, Omaha singer-songwriter Kait Berreckman will join us on the program next week with her full band. KZUM is 89.3 FM in Lincoln, and stream it online at if you’re elsewhere.

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Lastly, a quick “thank you” to all the artists who played Vega last night at the Support Local Holiday Market. We really appreciated the great music, Vega for having us and the many local vendors who showcased their work.


Evan Bartels at @vegalnk for the Support Local Holiday Market.

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@elimardock at @vegalnk for the Support Local Holiday Market. A photo posted by Hear Nebraska (@hearnebraska) on


A Ferocious Jungle Cat closes the musical portion of the night at @vegalnk.

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