“Leave the House” by The Ambulanters | Live Video

Having played their first show on May 4, folk-ock outfit The Ambulanters is only six months old. The Ambulanters is a crude composition of 2009-2013 era Lincoln acts On Approach and Guilty Is The Bear, composed of members from each band.

The band does not yet have any releases under its belt. This live video is the only full band recording by the group. They plan to record their first EP this winter with a full length to follow.

The video features a performance of “Leave The House” with guitarists Sam Costello and Jim Rhian playing in head-to-head battleship manner and underlying rhythms by bassist Robert Specht and drummer Kris Jarvis Davis.

Filmed in the Lincoln house venue tentatively called The Big Hole (you’ll see why), the group will play their fourth career show there this Friday, Halloween. RSVP here.