Hoyer’s Sons of ‘76 reconvene tomorrow at Zoo Bar; Photos of Jocko, The Bad Ideas, No Thanks; HN Radio, Christmas at HN FM

Hoyer’s Sons of ‘76 reconvene tomorrow at Zoo Bar

As Soul Colossal’s schedule winds down for the year, frontman Josh Hoyer is taking some time to reminisce with its predecessor.

He will rejoin former Sons of ‘76 bandmates at a Tuesday night Zoo Bar reunion. The Americana/rock act will play as a foursome, including guitarist Werner Althaus, bassist Brian Morrow and drummer Justin Jones. The show starts at 6 p.m.

Sons of ‘76 formed out of an open jam session between Althaus and Hoyer. The band blossomed from there, hitting its stride in the late double-aughts, releasing Letters From Shangri-La in 2010 and amassing a strong fan base within Nebraska.

We caught up with Hoyer via email to get the scoop on this year’s reunion show, settling back into storytelling style and his reflections on Letters From Shangri-La five years later.

HN: When was the last time you all played together? What makes Tuesday the right time?

Josh Hoyer: Our last show we played was Dec.19 of 2014. It has become kind of a tradition of sorts to get together around the holidays for a show. My tour schedule usually slows down during the holidays, Justin Jones farming duties slow down, Werner Althaus has family visiting and Brian Morrow is back in town for the holidays after moving to St.Louis.

HN: What’s one memory that sticks out from playing with these guys?

JH: We played as this four-piece line-up for the last year the band was playing regular gigs. We get along and really enjoy each other musically. as a four-piece we were really able to let the songs breathe and just be what they are.

HN: How have these practices felt?

JH: The songs still feel fresh to me- and not dated. Sometimes there are songs you just don’t want to play because the life has left them, but all the songs on our setlist seem to have a life of their own and we really enjoyed revisiting them at rehearsal.

HN It’s been more than five years since Letters From Shangri-La released. What are you thinking/remembering when you play those songs now?

JH: Writing and releasing was a time of great change for me personally. After coming out of an extremely toxic relationship and other personal battles, I had found some clarity and new sense of purpose with a new, healthy relationship with my wife Sarah and the birth of my daughter Avalee. Many of the songs on the album have captured the positive and reinvigorating changes occurring at that time, so it has been a great pleasure to revisit them.

HN: What are your expectations for the show Tuesday?

JH: Just looking forward to telling some good stories through song with my old pals. These guys can really play- so it will be a whole lot of fun with no pressure.

HN: Anything else you’d like to add?

JH: It’s been cool to change gears from playing the in-your-face funk/soul of Soul Colossal for a bit and revisit this blend of Americana, folk and rock. Sons of ’76 was a lot more about songs and storytelling versus the extreme emotion and energy needed to convey the soul in a R&B/funk setting. I’m not going to go as far as saying it’s old man music, but at 39, it feels nice to sit back in my chair and tell a story or two.

* * *

Photos of Jocko, The Bad Ideas, No Thanks

HN multimedia intern Lindsey Yoneda went to new Omaha venue Milk Run Saturday to catch a pair of Omaha bands in No Thanks and Jocko, along with Kansas City, Mo., post-hardcore band The Bad Ideas.

View Yoneda’s photos below:


Jocko | Milk Run | 12.19.15Jocko | Milk Run | 12.19.15
Jocko | Milk Run | 12.19.15

The Bad Ideas

The Bad Ideas | Milk Run | 12.19.15
The Bad Ideas | Milk Run | 12.19.15The Bad Ideas | Milk Run | 12.19.15

No Thanks

No Thanks | Milk Run | 12.19.15No Thanks | Milk Run | 12.19.15
No Thanks | Milk Run | 12.19.15

photos by Lindsey Yoneda

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HN Radio, Christmas at HN FM

It’s Monday, which means add-day for our HN Radio playlist. This week, we’ve included tracks from bands playing live this week, which includes Head of Femur, Jake Bellows, Eric In Outerspace, Oquoa and more. Plus, we have a submission from Omaha band Ten O’Clock Scholars, which released a brand new album in late November. If you have new or previously unheard music, submit to news@hearnebraska.org for playlist consideration.

And tonight is our weekly Hear Nebraska FM radio show down at KZUM. We’re feeling a little festive, so the playlist will be heavy on the Christmas music, along with some of our favorites to fill in the gaps. Tune in to 89.3 FM in Lincoln, or kzum.org around the world.

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Concert Round-Up

There isn’t much in the way of shows this evening. We’re always looking to add new events to our statewide calendar, so if you do not see your show or one you plan to attend, contact us at news@hearnebraska.org. You can add the event yourself via the Contribute button at the top of our homepage. And keep those song submissions, news tips and story ideas coming.