All Young Girls Are Machine Guns | Live on HNFM

Through a half decade and three full-length albums, All Young Girls Are Machine Guns has run the gamut of Omaha players, from jazz to blues to soul. But the songwriter and the voice at the center of the ensemble has remained its constant.

For the passionate belting and the witty whispers juxtaposed throughout All Young Girls songs, you can look to Rebecca Lowry as the source. Whether anchoring the band around prancing ukulele love ballads or turning loose with horns, percussion and a stable of terrific backup singers, the songs tend represent a kind of genre-crossing emotionalism, wearing the love, the wants, the hates and the happiness out in the musical open. Often, the songs will crack open given Lowry’s shattering vocal range and ability to project. Sometimes, they’re all the more meaningful when they resist that possibility.

The band is currently in the process of recording a pair of singles with the evocative animalistic names “Tiger” and “Snake” with Omaha horn player Doyle Tipler. So exciting times are afoot, as well as a fourth full-length, Don’t Let The Music Fool You.

You can see the full band on Nov. 14 at Barley Street Tavern. RSVP here. But right now frontwoman and songwriter Rebecca Lowry joins us live from the KZUM studios. Here is All Young Girls Are Machine Guns.