“You Shine” by Heypenny | Love Drunk Video

Our first shoot in Nashville was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts on both sides of the ball. A total bummer because we were looking forward to shooting Diarrhea Planet, a local six-piece with four guitar players.

Still, we managed to find some good out of the canned shoot — a guitar shaped pool in a dumpy hotel and a night off to help HN earn third place in the Give to Lincoln Day fundraiser. The next day followed with more swimming in that awesome pool, Thai food and Andy Norman and I took a trip to tour Beech House Recording, owned and operated by Mark Nevers in Nashville. The studio has been in operation since 1987 and has hosted some notable names: Charlie Louvin, Vic Chesnutt, Andrew Bird, Stephen Malkmus, Lou Barlow, Lambchop and Elvis Costello among many others. The studio is built into Nevers’ home and he talked about the charm and character the recordings have in comparison with professionally built and tuned studios.

We thanked Mark for his time and headed back to pick up the water-logged LD crew. Our locale for the shoot with Heypenny was an old picaresque and quintessential southern home. Huge, with a giant front porch to boot. Stepping inside brought on a whole different image. The house was in the serious throes of a massive remodeling project. Walls, ceilings and floors were missing while electrical wires were exposed hanging between the joists.

The band had decorated one of the deconstructed rooms with floating Chinese lanterns. It was a welcomed sight on our end, part of our work already being done. The lanterns provided a soft juxtaposition to the hard edge of a room with no walls. Their song “You Shine” is a quirky marriage of pop and indie rock, though it doesn’t sound like either of those. Drummer Aaron Distler spoke post-shoot a bit about the band's mentality: “We just try to go out and have fun. If anyone sees our live show they completely get it. We’re not one of those bands that try to appear real hip and cool. People may laugh, but we try to be genuine in what we do and have fun.”

Six Love Drunk videographers went on tour shooting live, one-take videos with bands across the eastern part of the U.S., spreading the word about Nebraska music along the way from May 4-20. This was day 15 of the 17-day tour. Learn more about the project and the tour here. Watch all the videos here.


audio.video.live.one take

audio recorded/mixed by django g-s
video edited by django g-s

django g-s
brendan greene-walsh
daniel muller
andrew norman
angie norman
ben semisch

set design:
eliska elkins

daniel muller

* performed on Friday, May 18, 2012



Brendan Greene-Walsh is a Hear Nebraska contributor. He's also a member of The So-So Sailors. Contact him at brendan.gwalsh@gmail.com.