“You Get Sick Again” by See Through Dresses | Love Drunk Video

See Through Dresses surpassed 200 likes on Facebook last night. Three of those people like the band’s most recent post, and none of those people like the quartet’s profile picture. Of all the people to whom Matt Carroll, Sara Bertuldo, Nate Van Fleet and Robert Little said “check out my band,” only 46 have followed them on Twitter.

If social media clout is a thing, and if it matters, then who cares what singer Matt Carroll has to say?

When the band releases their self-titled album at The Waiting Room this Saturday, will people talk over Carroll’s reticent vocals?

Will Omaha music columnists (I’m looking at you, Tim/Kevin) report to their readers that a new frontman should be added to the conversation?

It’s unlikely that video of one song will convince a music scene to fully validate the emergence of a peer songwriter.

Nevertheless, in Love Drunk‘s 120th session, Carroll nonchalantly leads See Through Dresses past “You Get Sick Again,” allowing his peers to determine whether his is a voice that should be heard.

What do you think?

Note: This session was recorded at Almost Music/Solid Jackson Books in Omaha’s Benson neighborhood. The stores intend to host in-store performances, poetry readings and more. And Almost Music owner Brad Smith wants to buy your record collection.

audio engineer: django g-s

audio mix: jj idt

edit: django g-s

chevy anderson
jj dreier
shawn elliott
django g-s
andrew roger

jj dreier

* performed on Sunday, November 24, 2013