“Whiskey Flats” by Virgin Mary Pistol Grip | Video Premiere

One by car and one on foot, you know they’ll meet up eventually.

The new music video for Omaha’s Virgin Mary Pistol Grip depicts a pre-destined kind of star-crossed roving. With the dominant features of “Whiskey Flats” being Jales Hupke’s steady tenor and Dan Nielsen’s highly mobile bass, the song is a breathy and vulnerable take on Americana road-rock.

You can see Virgin Mary Pistol Grip on Feb. 28 at Reverb Lounge with Low Long Signal and Anonymous Henchmen. Now, here’s the premiere of the “Whiskey Flats” music video:

Video credits:

Directed by Dan Thompson III and Miguel Cedillo
Additional Photography: Terry Ice
Editor: Miguel Cedillo
Colorist: Dan Thompson III
Production by Make Believe New Media

Find Virgin Mary Pistol Grip online here.