Ty Segall at The Waiting Room | Photo Essay

The Segall has landed.

So goes the fitting motto of s Ty Segall’s  2014 tour, an explosion of rock, glitter, unruly hair and tales of interplanetary travel. At The Waiting Room on Thursday night, Segall and his band showed off songs from their most recent release, Manipulator, including standout tracks like the riff-heavy “Feel,” performed on Conan in August. Segall’s performance was a blur of swinging instruments and flying bodies, stage antics that sent a clear message to the crowd: this was no place for shoegazing.

The audience accepted the dare, flinging drinks, crowdsurfing and moshing on the packed Waiting Room floor. If you weren’t thrashing, it seemed, then why’d you even come here?

Yet Ty Segall is more than just his rowdy rock band. His creativity shines in the extraterrestrial theme of his live show, with band members wearing matching eye makeup and claiming that they’d arrived from Jupiter. Outside of shows, Segall’s knack for the bizarre comes across in album artwork and interactive videos like that of “Manipulator,” which offers fans the chance to choose their own adventure.

See photos below.

La Luz at The Waiting Room: