“Try To Feel Alive Instead of Dead” by Blue Sky Angel Parade

“She was my woman you know, but not anymore,” P.S. Williams, lead vocalist of Blue Sky Angel Parade, vocally shrugs.

There’s a sort of playful apathy to Lincoln-based mod rock group’s latest single, “Try To Feel Alive Instead of Dead.”

The single is the first off Blue Sky Angel Parade’s upcoming album Get Together Silver Feather, which will be released and available for purchase at the group’s release show at Vega this Thursday. The album streaming now for free on Bandcamp.

The song, itself, feels as if it’s going through the motions. Williams lazily strums his fuzzed out guitar behind Colby L. Woodson’s defined bass lines that dance somewhat lackadaisically around James M. Wachtel’s drumming. The song trots along casually, with each verse punctuated by a tongue-in-cheek melodic tag, topped by Casey Welsch on trumpet.

Singing of futile attempts to salvage a dying relationship, Williams moans, but he doesn’t seem to wallow in misery. “Living up the wall ain’t so bad … ” sounds as if the song is simply about making do.

Yet, his last lyrics suggest it’s all about climbing out of the gloom and sorrow. “Get me to the top of the underground.”

Tickets for Blue Sky Angel Parade’s CD release show with Night Hearts, Dark Seas and The Gems are up for purchase at Roots Music Shop and Recycled Sounds. You can trade your presale ticket for a CD at the show.