“The Lone Light” by blét | Song Premiere

With the premiere of “The Lone Light,” even the familiar listener is, in a way, hearing blét for the first time. Borrowed From The Breeze is out next month .

Its 2013 EP, Uncles, overflows with the same melodic proficiency and high emotional ceiling, but isn’t sonically the trio that Lincolnites have heard from regularly the past 18 months.

But now, the opening track of blét’s full-length debut shines with atmospheric guitars, pedal effects wisping all the way across a soundstage and dramatic auxiliary drums, fit for self-war. High above the bassline — that’s absent from blét’s live set — the choir-worthy voices of Joe Kozal, Cole Keeton and Spencer McCoy mingle: their harmonies all sliding toward Keeton’s staple solo lines and the mood rock that colors blét’s heady meditations on crisis. A likely-20-something walks near the Capitol, but that image whirs up into talk of sophistry and prophecy.

In one of its catchiest songs, blét is your band if you fancy a philosopher’s dictionary to describe your problems, and a wine bath of earnestness to soak in them.

RSVP here to blét’s June 6 release show at The Bourbon with Mesonjixx and Once A Pawn. And listen to “The Lone Light” for the first time here: