“Supernova Stature” by Purveyors of the Conscious Sound | Music Video

words by Michael Todd

Here's a challenge: Count the number of open flames dancing through the frame in "Supernova Stature," the newest visual complement to music by Omaha's Purveyors of the Conscious Sound.

In this music video shot and edited by Brett Brooner, fire spins on hula hoops, flickers in handheld lamps, blazes as a bonfire and pools in the mouth of a fire breather. Set against a black night, graffiti-filled walls and leafless trees, the scene dovetails with the song's celestial title.

Jake Dawson, Liz Graham, Nick Holder — PCS lyricists — spit rhymes over a grand bedrock beat. A sampled starry, spoken recording introduces and closes the music, too, explaining how distances in space are measured using the brightest supernova. This production aims to be as big as the open sky.

And the Purveyors themselves look toward a number of big shows and milestones. On Thursday, they open for Luminaries at The Bourbon in Lincoln. Their next album, LIFERS 2, will be offered for free at pcslifers.com next Wednesday, June 26. And on Aug. 17, PCS will open this year's Maha Music Festival, after securing the slot at the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards' summer showcase in Benson earlier this month.

For now, though, the conflagration spreads for "Supernova Stature." Watch it here:

music: produced by Andy Boonstra
mixing/mastering: Zach Crawford
vocals/lyrics: Jake Dawson, Liz Graham, Nick Holder
video shot and edited by Brett Brooner

Michael Todd is Hear Nebraska's managing editor. Two minutes in the sun is enough to burn him. Reach Michael at michaeltodd@hearnebraska.org.