“Summer Peaches” by Jack Hotel | HN Live at Take Cover Lincoln

Standing alone at the microphone on The Bourbon’s mainstage, donning a wide-brimmed hat, Jack Hotel frontman Günter Voelker warbles a sweet song of summertime. Plucking at the guitar strings, his voice dances around the soft lyrics that are married perfect to the melody.

The singer performed Matt Cox’s “Summer Peaches,” midway through Hear Nebraska’s sixth-annual Take Cover Lincoln benefit concert, alongside 10 other Nebraska musicians covering various Nebraska songs at The Bourbon. He selected because of the song’s personality — sad, happy, sweet, kind and wise.

Voelker told the crowd that he got the opportunity to play “Summer Peaches” for his grandmother, proving the song’s impact on him. His heartfelt performance recalled sweet, lazy summer days, leaving the room with a gentle, relaxed energy.

Watch and listen to Voelker’s rendition of “Summer Peaches” below:

Video: Lindsey Yoneda, Lauren Farris, Peter Barnes
Edit: Lindsey Yoneda
Audio: Aaron Markley

Jack Hotel performs Saturday, March 11 at Vega with Marah In The Mainsail, Good Morning Bedlam and blét. 9 p.m. $7 advance, $10 day-of. RSVP here.