“Staggers and Rise” by Small Houses | Sonata Sessions

[Editor’s Note: Sonata Sessions are produced independent of HearNebraska.org by Nickolai Hammar, and we’re proud to premiere them. Enjoy.]

As Small Houses, Jeremy Quentin has a way of writing in such tightly knit patterns — lightning quick hammering or beat-breaking chord changes — the songs almost seem to exist out of structure. From there, it’s within the perky mutter of the Philadelphia-based songwriter you find lines too interstitial to be called “winning.” Small Houses does no such setting up of the lyrics, it’s more like a launch into a folk-tinged stream of consciousness.

Small Houses plays Sunday at O’Leaver’s with Anna McClellan. RSVP here. This Sonata Session was recorded back in October.

Small Houses’ second album also premiered yesterday on Hear Ya. The full band arrangements offer a grander and more dangerous take on Quentin’s incisive imagery.