“Sonny” by Simon Joyner & Megan Siebe | Sonata Sessions

As Omaha singer/songwriter Simon Joyner sits in a decades-dusty, mid-renovation room in the Grand Island Masonic temple, gently strumming through “Sonny,” two aspects of the performance strike hardest: structure and setting.

Complemented by his Ghosts violinist Megan Siebe, the song wields qualities of a eulogy. Joyner’s lyrics honestly and thoughtfully reflect on a man’s sorrowful life while Siebe’s bow softly saws accent notes underneath, together yielding a sort of mournful funeral march.

Watch Joyner and Siebe perform a heart-wrenching rendition of “Sonny,” the first track from March 2015 release Grass, Branch & Bone — shot right after the band’s soundcheck on the 2015 Good Living tour.

Simon Joyner | Sonny from Nickolai Hammar on Vimeo.