“Someday We Will Laugh About Everything” by Better Friend | Song Premiere

In part for its expansive production and in part because it starts seemingly halfway through a snaky, virtuosic guitar line, this first glimpse into Better Friend’s new EP suctions the listener into a world.

It’s cavernous and feels classically, even theatrically, emotional for the traded call-and-response vocals, the ones that seem to simulate the dismembered pieces of a relationship. Maybe the screaming and the belting will laugh together some day as the title quips, but it’s predicate is understood …  certainly not right now.

And the wallowing and warring are fascinating, bound together by the Lincoln emo-punk quintet’s layered, dynamic orchestration.

Where Better Friend’s live show is defined in no small part by Meghan Munyon’s intimidating and captivating centerstage posture, the recording is carried by the refined and tenderly anguished side of her voice. Caleb Wiedel’s drumming undulates between fire-bombing and meditative ambiance. With sinking to chugging interludes, the musical mass spirals out in the end — into a wondrously pained maw of space and whirling production.

And on Safe House, it’s just one dense chapter on a collection with five more.

RSVP to the July 24 release show at The Bourbon here. Lincoln’s Once A Pawn and Omaha’s See Through Dresses round out the billing. Now, here’s the premiere of “Someday We Will Laugh About Everything.”

Safe House was engineered and mastered by Sean Joyce at Dream Pro Recording.