Shots Unfiltered: Sas, Powers and Bogusman | Photo Essay


There’s an alternative story to every concert evening, an ebb and flow that editorial coverage just doesn’t capture. Often, it isn’t part of the published story which whiskey the band drank, what other musicians they ran into later, who they partied with or what piece of equipment their pets climbed into.

At least not from the perspective of a writer or photographer. Those people are tasked with showing the reader/viewer exactly what it was like to be there and what it means in the greater context. But seeing a night through the eyes of the act themselves is nearly impossible.

So we turned loose a few local bands, armed with disposable cameras, to document their evenings at a recent concert series. Follow along with Lincoln acts SAS, Powers and Bogusman as they take us from load-in and first round to post-show goof offs and whiskey shots:

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